Thursday, April 29, 2010

First Dentist Visit!!

So yesterday I took the girl to their first dentist appointment. Some doctors recommend taking them to see a dentist as soon as they turn 2, some say 3 yrs. old. Since Bella didn't get her first tooth until she was 15 months and still only had 4 when she turned 2 I held off on taking her. Brynn got her teeth much earlier, and I thought had them all, so I thought it was time to get them both in. I was quite nervous about it. I think my own apprehensions with the dentist were clouding my thoughts as to what the day might be like. I was especially nervous about how Brynn would react to it all. Bella is quite the cooperative young lady but Brynn can be bit of a stinker and likes things on her own terms.

Bella hopped up first and did a great job! Opening her mouth and allowing it to be sucked out when needed. She had fun picking out her flavors of things and using the princess flosser! : )
(I apologize for the picture quality- I only had my point and shoot camera)

Proudly checking out her sparkling teeth!
While they were finishing up with Bella, Brynn hopped up in a chair next to her. She did great!! Opened right up, picked her flavors, let them scrub away at her teeth. She had a hard time keeping her mouth open wide enough at times but was happy to oblige when asked to open it again.

Watching it all in her mirror!

Showing off her sparkling teeth and then smiling for mommy and daddy!

They each got their picture taken and a special note from their doctor/assistants!
And I'm happy to report both girls are cavity free!
Oh and Bella has all 20 of her teeth but Brynn doesn't have her second set of molars yet so only has 16.


Kate said...

How cool! I need to take Molly to the dentist, but have been too scared too! PS-We have Molly's transition meeting next week for speech, to go to the elem. school now, anything I should ask, or know beforehand? Thanks!

HeatherOz said...

Awww! What good girls! I don't know why, but my kids are absolute angels at the dentist. Last time we were there the hygenist let them have rainbow flavored flouride(every flavor). Gross!

Lee-Ann said...

They did awesome! I hear you about having your own issues with the dentist. I hate going with the kids. I hate going myself!

Loretta John said...

The first dental visit is a very crucial time for kids. It can make or break their perception about dentistry as a whole. I'm glad that the visit had been wonderful for your two girls. Similarly, I took my 3 year-old son for a dental check-up last month. Fortunately, he is a very cooperative boy who happily opened his mouth when the (Bartlett) dentists asked him to. The dentist (Bartlett) is very friendly and patient with kids. My son had a great time and he is looking forward to visiting his dentist soon.

Darcy Losh said...

A kid without cavities means a job well done for you Mom! Regardless of how old young you were when you had your first dental checkup, as long as your mom or your parents are there to teach you about proper oral hygiene then, your teeth is in good hands!

Seth Webster said...

Your daughters are not just lovely, but they’re good girls too!! ^^, Oh, look at those pictures! You can see that they really enjoyed their first dentist visit! Well, this great because you wouldn’t take a hard time convincing your ‘lil girls to go back to their dentist soon.

Marg Skidmore said...

Hooray for Bella and Bryanna! They did a great job on their first dental visit. I think the idea of siblings going together to a dental checkup is a good thing. When the other one sees that her sister is doing well, she will also do her best to be good too. :)

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