Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Works for Me Wednesday!

Member my post a few back about how I love unconventional toys? (if you missed it just click here)  Kids always love the things that were never meant to be toys.  Well I've got more to add.  Here are couple things that, strangely enough, the girls enjoy.

First thing is..... mini bottles!  

What you say?  For some reason Brynn really enjoys carrying around mini shampoo bottles or sample size lotion bottles.  You know the ones you'd find in a hotel.  Thankfully her daddy sells anything found in a hotel, including.......bottles!  She will literally just walk around carrying her bottles (think some of the joy is the thrill of finally being able to really walk).  I think she enjoys these bottles because her precious hands can close easily around them.  I believe she also enjoys how it feels on her teething little gums!  Now since Brynn enjoys these bottles Bella also insists on having bottles of her own.  We'll just find these bottles around the house and the two of them will run around playing with them for quite some time!  WARNING: make sure they are tightly closed!

The second unconventional toy is..............music cards!

You know the hallmark cards you open and then it plays a song for you.  The girls LOVES these. (Thanks to Mormor Domier for supplying us with them!)  They both enjoy music and I think the novelty of it being in a card and them being able to make it go on their own is very exciting to them.  Bella's favorite thing is to stick it in the middle of the room and run and dance circles around.  I have no idea. : )  Brynn likes to sit and open and close it, open and close it, while rocking in a rhythmic fashion.  It also helps if the card's theme excites them as you know the "Pink Princess" one did!

Also good for encouraging letter recognition and eventually reading!

Some other ideas that the girls enjoy are bags or purses just filled with trinkets.  Bella LOVES her accessories as you know, so she enjoys having a purse with things inside  (play phone, pretend keys, we have a lot of those barbie or princess kits with little makeup things and stuff that she loves).  She'll carry around and play with things inside.  Brynn also enjoys just going through the bag or purse and just inspecting the treasures inside.

Another "toy" I like to offer up in a crunch is brushing their teeth.  For some reason both girls have always loved to brush their teeth.  I know good thing, right?  Bella would see us do it and always wanted to do it to.  So I allow her to brush herself and then we finish with mommy or daddy brushing.  So if I'm trying to get ready or something and they're getting antsy or bored I just say, "Let's brush our teeth!"  I stick Brynn in the excersaucer so she doesn't walk around with it in her mouth (I think she enjoys it because it feels good on her gums) and Bella will just stand in the bathroom watching herself in the mirror!

So those are just a couple of things that have worked for me!  Do you have any unconventional toys you'd like to share!?

Be sure to check out the originator of Works for Me Wednesday here!

Monday, March 30, 2009

It is April tomorrow, right?

You would think with it being almost April and all, a little warmer weather would be expected. Oh no, not here in the midwest! Thought we'd get in at least one more snow storm. We went to sleep Saturday night and heard perhaps 1 to 3 inches were expected and woke up to see up to SIX inches of snow in some spots!

It's pretty and all but give us a break, we want warm weather to come....and stay!

Just had to post this pic too. Guess this little guy wasn't expecting a big snow storm either!

And no I don't usually allow spider webs to exist in my home but this is outside and I wasn't aware of it unti our lovely snow storm. Talk about strong construction, huh!?

I know random post, what can I say? Stay tuned for my exciting life! : )

Not Me Monday!

Not Me Monday time! This fun blog idea was created by MckMama for all of us out there that need to come clean, or would like to, rather. We all have things out there that we can't believe we've done or we swore we'd never do, why not share it with the blog world! Although this won't be a typical Not Me Monday Post, I couldn't miss out!

All I've got for you this week is I did NOT pray unceasingly all week, for Baby Stellan, every chance I got, nope not me!

This video was made by *Janelle and Family* (all pictures and text is from MckMama except for the last frame) over at Stellan's new blog: http://www.prayingformckmuffin.blogspot.com/
Prayers for Stellan

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Just a reminder : )

Prayers for Stellan

Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death
Your perfect love is casting out fear
And even when I’m caught in the middle of the storms of this life
I won’t turn back
I know You are near

And I will fear no evil
For my God is with me
And if my God is with me
Whom then shall I fear?
Whom then shall I fear?

Oh no, You never let go
Through the calm and through the storm
Oh no, You never let go
In every high and every low
Oh no, You never let go
Lord, You never let go of me

And I can see a light that is coming for the heart that holds on
A glorious light beyond all compare
And there will be an end to these troubles
But until that day comes
We’ll live to know You here on the earth

Oh no, You never let go
Through the calm and through the storm
Oh no, You never let go
In every high and every low
Oh no, You never let go
Lord, You never let go of me

Yes, I can see a light that is coming for the heart that holds on
And there will be an end to these troubles
But until that day comes
Still I will praise You, still I will praise You

Matt Redman - You Never Let Go
From the album Passion 06: Everything Glorious

Prayers for Stellan

Thursday, March 26, 2009

How far we've come...

Prayers for Stellan
So I haven't felt right or led to write lately.  With sweet baby Stellan so sick, I just felt wrong about writing my senseless posts.  I really just want word to spread and the number of people praying to grow!  So keep praying!

Well finally today (actually two days ago now, took me awhile, to finally finish!) I felt like writing again for all my 3 wonderful readers out there!  Today I had the pleasure of visiting with a dear friend from high school (which to me feels like yesterday not, oh um 10 years ago).  She just had her second baby.  She now is the proud mother of two beautiful girls.  Rebecca Joy, better known as Becca, is going to be two years old shortly and Abigail Grace was born on March 16th.  Seeing my friend Brittney with her two girls brought back so many feelings and memories for me.

First of all, its so funny to me to see Brittney and me as mothers!  It was just yesterday ten years ago we were drowning in high school drama, hanging out at parties together as the only non-drinkers, and that we went to Florida for spring break.  I know what you're thinking, wow Florida huh?!  Oh no, we didn't go to that Florida.  Nope. While all our other friends were having an unruly nice time in Daytona, we went to the Florida where my grandparents lived, cost us nothing to stay at, and had an unruly nice time hanging out at the pool, besides getting seriously sun burned!  And now here we are, each with two sweet baby girls.  Although its funny to see us as mothers its definitely not surprising.  I think if you were to ask anyone from high school they'd tell you they knew we'd be mommies pretty quickly!

The other thing I found myself feeling was reminiscent of the time when I went from one baby to two.  In my opinion, it was a much harder transition for me than having my first.  At least for me.  Bella was 10 days shy of her 2nd birthday when Brynn was born.  Although she was almost 2 I really feel like her speech delay, although it didn't effect her cognitive ability, effected her ability to communicate with us as maybe other two years olds could have.  I remember very vividly times where Bella would get hurt or just want to be held and I would helplessly look at her, while having a child latched on to my body, and just feeling an ache in my heart because I couldn't scoop her up.  Or her begging me to play but I had to get Brynn's diaper changed.  With each excuse my anxiety, that Bella would be forever scarred,  grew.  When I would have to say I couldn't hold her right now I thought for sure she would forever resent her sister, or me, or both.  I would try to tell her to come sit next to me or wrap my legs around her, but you know what?  When you're sick or just got a booboo that just won't do!  I think that was the absolutely hardest thing for me, more than around the clock feedings, more than lack of sleep, was the heartache I would feel when Bella wanted me and I just couldn't be there the way she wanted.  Does she resent me or her sister for that lack of hugs or holdings? No.  She's getting along just fine. : )  
Nursing too also took a toll.  In the beginning nursing a newborn can take a good 10 years 45 minutes from beginning to finish.  And when you've got a toddler running about, that's tough.  Luckily, Bella was not one to get into mischief so before I would sit to nurse I would turn on the answer to all prayers, Dora, or else grab a book I knew she enjoyed and we spend special one and one time (minus child attached to me).  
I think as new mommies we can become overcome with mommy guilt.  Am I spending enough time with her, am I disciplining right, am I feeding her the right foods, should I not vaccinate, when can we start peanut butter, is that plastic bottle ok to use?  Oh my goodness!  You can make yourself sick with worry about all there is that could be dangerous or may not be the right thing to do for your child.  You know what I've learned, well at least, think?  I know, wise one here, right?  No not really.  Just take it from someone who use to spend nights worrying for hours some times before she could fall asleep.  As mommies we all have mothers' intuition.  I know you've probably heard it before but honestly its there, and God is behind it.  When you're wondering what to do or what action to take, take a minute to pray about it and do what you feel is right for your child.  You can drive yourself mad worrying about all the dangers there are out there and really that's no way to live and its not fair for your child.  You do what your heart, God, is telling you to do and stay strong in your decision.  You know what's right for your child and God will take care of the rest!

Anyway, I've gotten completely off topic but that's what happens when you're not really a writer you try to post at 10:30 at night.  Well it was a real treat to see Brittney and her precious baby girls (we'll be taking pictures of them this Sunday, perhaps I'll post a couple for you to see!).  It was fun and brought back such precious memories of my own.  I've heard through other friends that, although no transition is easy, the transition from two to three kids is easier since the two older kids have each other and such.  Here's hoping! (no that is not announcement)

On that note time for bed!  Keep praying! 

P.S. By the way do you like my fancy strikethrough technique! I learned it from my fellow blogger, MckMama!

Monday, March 23, 2009

I feel strange....

Does anyone else feel the strangeness of going on with mundane things in your life when somewhere else someone's world is falling apart?

This morning I was going about my day.  I went to link my Not Me Monday post (below) to MckMama's site to find out her world has been turned upside down.

I was changing Brynn's diaper while wondering if they were finally able to get Stellan's IV in.

I was watching Sleeping Beauty with Bella while wondering if someone has gone to be with MckMama so she's not alone at the hospital.

I am watching Ellen while selfishly wishing MckMama would post an update about Stellan so I know he's ok.

Everyday we go on with our lives, doing the things we love, hate, make us laugh, drive us crazy, or bore us while others out there are going through something that is truly rocking their world.  We are still pouring cereal for our little ones, or tying their shoes, or watching Dora for the 6th time this week and meanwhile a mother is at the hospital bedside of her sweet baby boy who is struggling to live, or a mother is saying goodbye to her daughter who was fine three weeks ago, or a mother is wondering why she didn't get to have the adopted baby that was meant for her.  

It just feels so strange.  Its hard to just go about my day, my mundane day.

Thank you Jesus for my mundane day.  And Lord I ask you bring a little mundaneness to the lives of these families.

Prayer Alert!

UPDATE: I haven't heard an update since 9:40 this morning (and nothing was bringing his heart rate down despite trying many different things), which just makes me nervous.  Please keep praying.  News is starting to spread to other blogs but the more praying for sweet baby Stellan the better!
Original Post:
Stellan, a sweet little MckMircle, MckMama's precious miracle, needs your prayers!!  He is a miracle because he was never suppose to be here.  In womb the doctors expected him to pass away and he ended up being born perfectly healthy.  Well after a bout with sickness he ended up in the ER and now is in the hospital with what he had in the womb.  His heart is racing and everything they have tried won't bring it down.  PLEASE send a prayer up for them.  Get down on your knees and pray the Lord will slow Stellan's heart to where it needs to be!  Please go here, for updates or click on the MckMiracle button to the right!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Not Me Monday!

Not Me Monday time!  This fun blog idea was created by MckMama for all of us out there that need to come clean, or would like to, rather.  We all have things out there that we can't believe we've done or we swore we'd never do, why not share it with the blog world, then visit MckMama's site to see what others are admitting to!  

Last week MckMama was having a contest for being the first one to link to her Not Me Monday list.  Although winning the contest would NEVER appeal to me, I most certainly would not check her site every minute or so since I woke up that morning to see if she had posted yet so I could be number one.  And of course I wouldn't check her site, dare to walk to the bathroom to, you know, briefly use the facilities, come back and check the site again only to notice she did post and I'm NOT number 1 or 2 or even 3 but 65!  What?!  Nope not me!

With not a whole lot going on in the last week I DID NOT just consider making some Not Me Mondays up, nope not me!

I would NEVER go to a water park pasty white, pretty prickly, and full of baby weight (can I still say that a year later?)  Nope not me!

I would NEVER dream of putting character clothing on my children no matter how much Bella loves Disney's princesses.  Nope not me!

Oh and I do NOT ever lock my children in a play pen just to keep them out of my hair for a second while I pack up our hotel room, especially with out clothes on!  Nope not me!

Just like MckMama here, I would never take and post pictures of my little one in a sad moment, nope not me!

Oh my, break my heart, this is better. : )

Ok, your turn!  What have you NOT done this week?!
Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Something my momma taught me...

You may not know this but a HUGE mess .....

....comes before success (in organizing that is, quess that could work for potty training too... : ))!

Transition between sizes is quite the undertaking.  My life is so exciting. : )

Thursday, March 19, 2009

The true reason for this blog...

Another reason I wanted to start this blog, other than sharing my sweet babies with you and maybe some advice along the way, I wanted to help spread the word.  What do I mean?  Since I entered the blog world my eyes have truly been open to all the hurt, struggles, and sorrow out there and my heart truly breaks for each story I read.  I want to help, I want to give them a hug or bring them a meal, just something.  Since in all reality I can't do these things I thought at least I can help spread the word for these families.  That way you too can have them in your thoughts and prayers.  How encouraging to know you're not alone and that there are people out there that care and are thinking and praying for you.

I was very naive about having children and such until I starting having my own and those around me all entered, apparently, baby making age and started having families of their own.  I always thought you got married, you had your kids when you wanted them, and then grew old together.  But since then I've learned how hard getting pregnant, staying pregnant, having a healthy child, and growing old with your children really can be.  Each child is such a beautiful blessing and we need to thank God for EACH day that we get with them.  Since my eyes have been opened I truly cherish each day with my girls.  It helps me get through those long days in which I felt like all I heard was whining and crying.  Each night when I sneak in to the girls' rooms to say goodnight I try to remember just to thank the Lord for one more day with them.  Even those terrible days.  Even a hard day, in which you were able to have your child in your arms, is precious.  If you have children know you are blessed with such a HUGE gift and never ever take it for granted.  If you look on the bar on the right of my blog you will see some buttons of families I'm thinking and praying for, go ahead and click on them and meet them for yourselves. I'll keep you posted as I hear of others that could use our prayers!

Click here, to meet a young family that after their 11 month old's ear infection wouldn't go away they found out that she had cancer and three weeks later she was gone.  They have been amazingly strong through this ordeal and could really use your thoughts and prayers.  Our prayers go out to them and sweet Cora in heaven.  Here's a verse that Cora's mommy takes comfort in during these hard times. "The Lord is close to the brokenhearted; he rescues those who are crushed in spirit." Psalm 34:18

Click here, to meet a family that was blessed with sextuplets but ended up just losing them all because they came too early.  We are on our knees for you Tipping Family.

Click here, to meet such a strong, inspirational woman who lost her husband in a car accident in the beginning of January, has a young toddler, and is newly pregnant.

Click here, to visit a family that has a child of their own naturally, lost a child of theirs, has an adopted child, and just had an adopted child taken back from them after having her already.

Also there are times, despite all our prayers the outcome is not what we would hope but here is a wonderfully funny, inspiring woman  that shows us how we can begin to over come tragedy and go on to live life to the fullest.  Go to the left of her blog where it says "Welcome" to hear her story from the beginning. 

And there are times when things look bleak but amazing miracles happen!  Click here, here, and here.

Some others:

Thank you Jesus for allowing me the privilege of being the mother to these beautiful girls!

Isabella Kathryn

Bryanna Karina

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

You know what keeps me going day to day with little ones?  Moments like these...

...the moments you can sneak in and get a quick glance at your little one still sleeping, especially when she looks like this!

...and those moments right when they get up from their nap and they still have those precious sleepy eyes and all they want is to be held.

...and who doesn't love the sleep lines still embedded in their cheeks!

What keeps you going?

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Works for Me Wednesday!

So I got this idea from this lovely blogger, although I don't think she does it anymore, but every Wednesday she would post some great idea that worked for her.  I would like to share one of my ideas.

This precious beauty...

And this cutie pie...

don't usually enjoy veggies.  I know shocker.  So I have tried many creative ways of trying to get them to eat it: mixing it up in other foods on the plate-both of them literally will pick through it and eat everything put the greenery on their plate, I've tried pureeing it and mixing it in whatever we're serving, such as spaghetti sauce- I will admit this does work but there are flaws in this method, first of all it only works if what you're serving has some kind of sauce to mix it in, a serving of chicken that has mysteriously become green, ain't gonna fly.  The other problem is I was reading some where although this is a good method it doesn't really teach children to eat/enjoy vegetables, which is a good point.  So after all my failed attempts I may have discovered away.  

My answer: discover fun things, you know they'll love, for them to dip them in or to be sprinkled on top.  Although it may add a little fat to the meal, the nutrients they are getting from eating their vegetables far out weigh what little fat you may be adding (plus who doesn't love a little chub on their babies!), unless of course your smothering them in chocolate syrup or sprinkling them with pure sugar. : )

Some of my creations:
I have added parmesan cheese or shredded mozzarella to green beans.  I have also allowed Bella to dip her green beans in Ranch. (not pictured)  I know sounds disgusting to me too but she loves ranch and it gets me a clean plate!

And look all gone!

I rolled cooked carrots in seasoned bread crumbs.  

And again ALL gone!

Bella will eventually eat her vegetables since we force her but Brynn is still too young to be forced and will hardly ever touch her vegetables except peas occasionally.  I did this to her carrots the other night and it was the first thing she ate and she ate it all.  I was shocked and so proud of myself (oh and her too)!

Hey and when all else fails, I am NOT above bribery.  There's nothing this girl won't eat if a precious roll is at stake!

What works for you!?

Monday, March 16, 2009

Not Me Monday!

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week. Not Me Monday was created by MckMama as a place for us to share with other mommy's about our short comings.  None of us are perfect and we all do crazy things from time to time .  This is a great chance for us to see we're not alone.  To make it more interesting things are phrased like we would NEVER do it or something I DIDN'T do, etc.  Here are the things I DIDN'T do this week! : ) 

Something I DIDN'T do last Saturday.  I literally did NOT toss and turn all Saturday night, while glancing at our new alarm clock over and over wondering if it was one that would reset itself with the time change and was just dying to know what time it really was.  Does anyone else HAVE to know what time it is when you awaken in the middle of the night?  By the way our clock was NOT one that reset itself.

I of course would never use the washroom with a child on my lap.

I would never try to remicrowave oatmeal, if you were to not do this as well you would not learn that this really doesn't work.

I DON'T watch Celebrity Apprentice, but if I did I'd cheer for Jesse James.

As you may know from a previous blog I like to improvise when it comes to toys to entertain antsy children but I would NEVER dare hand my two daughters, while in the car late and tired after church one evening, each a pack of sanitary napkins (which, if I were to do this, I had in the car because we stopped by the grocery store on the way home) just to entertain them a smidge until we got home.

I swear I would never blog about sanitary napkins.

And I did NOT just LOVE the warmer weather this weekend!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Please Pray!

A dear friend of mine, Andrea, wife to Doug and mother to almost 4 year old Kelsey needs your prayers today! Andrea and Doug have been trying to expand their family for quite some time now. After several miscarriages they were finally pregnant again it seemed to be going in the right direction. Well Monday they found out, although healthy now, the baby was growing in Andrea's fallopian tube and if it continued it would kill her. So she was going to be starting some kind of chemo that keeps more cells from forming. This was devastating enough for them. Well today we received news that it may have ruptured and she is currently in surgery now to figure out what the unexplained fluid in her is???? Please just pray for her safety and just for peace for this precious family. Here is a picture of their sweet daughter Kelsey:

And here is Doug and Andrea:

Probably wondering about this picture?? It was taken last year at our Christmas party. The theme was "Hollywood's famous couples" Doug and Andrea came as Troy and Gabriella from High School Musical because its one of Kelsey's favorite movies!

Thanks for praying for them!

Just received this update 3:15pm 3/12

Doug called with an update ....

The surgery is done. They did laproscopy? so there are small incisions. THey found that she had another ectopic pregnancy in the other tube. So, one tube is no longer able to be used... which is the one that was rupturing. The other tube will probably have scarring and they will probably have to do in vitro? as a next step.

Keep praying.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Not Me Monday!

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.
Not Me Monday was created by MckMama as a place for us to chat about our short comings. None of us are perfect and its a great chance for us to see we're not alone! Here are the things I DIDN'T do this week! : )

I most certainly did NOT spray Windex on a stubborn spot on one of the girl's shirt instead of OxyClean, I am of course aware they are both blue bottles and would never grab the wrong one.

I would NEVER take a look in the rearview mirror, while driving down the road, and notice Bella playing next to her sister instead of next to the window where her car seat is. Vince and I have perfect communication at all times and would never assume the other had buckled her in.

I didn't have to retrieve the list of gifts and their givers from the garbage can so I could finish my thank you notes. And of course had them all written within a week of our party, NOT a little over two.

Lastly it doesn't take me almost 3 days to completely finish the laundry because I don't only do it every two weeks and I don't hang everything up to air dry except jammies, onesies, towels, and under garments!

Oh also I absolutely did NOT turn 29 on Saturday and have a wonderful day of ice skating, scavenger hunt, yummy Olive Gargen, and topped of by Baskin Robbins put together by my wonderful hubby and dear friends!

Friday, March 6, 2009

When you've got nothing else....

What can you do when you're trying to make dinner, you've got two babies that are locked in the kitchen with you so the littlest baby doesn't head straight for the stairs, and you're trying your hardest to get dinner on the table????

My suggestion: Work with what you've got!!

So this was the scene in my home a couple of nights ago. Bella wanted to NOT be trapped in the kitchen anymore (but I needed her to try to help entertain Brynn) and Brynn was yanking at my legs to be held. UGG, right?! I didn't have any toys readily available to me in the kitchen at the time so I noticed an empty Carnation Breakfast box on the counter, so I gave it to Brynn hoping that it would at least distract her with the bizarreness of it long enough to, perhaps, stir the pot that is bubbling over. To my surprise (although when I think back now I shouldn't have been too surprise, if sis has it she wants it too) Bella asked for one too! So I empty a half sleeve of Ritz crackers and handed her that box. Although at first they both wondered what I wanted them to do with these boxes, it didn't take Bella that long to find the joy in the simplicity of an empty box! So Brynn followed suit.

This just proves you don't need to go all out to entertain their little minds, something as simple as a box can bring excitement so you can.... not burn dinner!

Here are my pictures from our box extravaganza:

Here I had just handed them the boxes and they're wondering what in the world they were suppose to do with them....

Soon enough Bella was having a ball with her box! (Yes, I am aware Bella is wearing a bathing suit over her t-shirt. Grandma D. had sent Bella a princess bathing suit that day and she wanted it on immediately!)

Soon enough Brynnie was joining in on the fun with her sister!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

My Accessory Queen, I mean, Princess...

So Bella has always been big on accessories.  Hats, sunglasses, swimsuits, backpacks, dress up clothes, etc.  Although these things come and go for her in stages, I thought I would share with you where she is right now.  There are two things that I am required to assist in putting on each day.

A friend of ours (thanks Jessie!) gave Bella these princess slippers.  They are size 9/10 and Bella wears size 6/7 shoes.  No matter how big they are Bella LOVES these slippers.  She wakes up asking for them, they must be ready to place back on immediately after clothing changes, and she goes to bed wearing them.  The other day I told her, no you can't wear your slippers outside, you have to wear shoes.  "Can I bring sippers wit?"  So yes the slippers took a trip to Jewel.  She wears them at all times, including over her pajamas...

...when she dressed for the day...

...and even that in between time where she has been undressed for bath but isn't in the tub yet!

The second most important accessory of Bella's is her princess watch (notice a princess theme).  I got this for Bella for Christmas from Walmart for $5.  I saw it and thought oh she'll think this is cute.  Little did I know the magnitude of her affection for this plastic wristband.

It goes right on when getting dressed for the day, of course sleeve is folded back so all can see her watch...

Through when she lays her sweet head down for bed.  

If you ask her she'll tell you its 2.  And no the watch does not work anymore.  Mommy and Daddy forgot to take it off for bath time and of course she was perfectly content leaving it on!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Some Randomness from my Day...

Wow!  Two posts in one day, impressive if I do say so myself!  (Originally started yesterday)

So this post will have no rhyme or reason to it.  Just a bit of randomness from my day! :) 

I have to say although there are moments that she is knocking her over, stealing toys from her, or yelling at her to "stop attacking me!"(I don't know where she gets these things), Bella is the sweetest big sister.  Today Brynn was kind of fussing because she couldn't get her sippy cup out of her crib.  Having the sense that the sippy cup is too wide to be pulled through the whatever inch slats in a crib is a bit beyond the comprehension of a one year old.  However the genius of a three year old's mind came to her rescue.  Bella has learned the art of guiding the sippy cup up and over the crib rails to quench her parched lips.  Although I thought of jumping into my motherly duties and help Brynn,  I decided to sit back and watch what might unfold.  Bella noticed her sister's agony of not being able to get her precious cup.  She sweetly walked over to her sister and, although she could have simply raised the sippy cup up and over and handed it to her, she carefully explained to her sister the trick to receiving your sippy when it seems unreachable.  Now in case you are not aware Bella has a slight speech delay, and although what she said probably only made sense to me, her care and passion for teaching this young one clearly shown through!  Do I see another teacher in the future!?  There are so many sweet moments like this!  Bella notices Brynn's nose is running and goes and fetches her a tissue.  Brynn is fussing from exhaustion and Bella goes and finds her precious blankie for her.  Brynn needs more food and mommy can't oblige quite yet so she graciously offers some of her food (usually the less desirable food, you know veggies or such, but still the act of kindness is there), she helpfully shouts to me if she sees Brynn heading up the stairs and I haven't noticed, and so on.  Although it is certainly not always a bed of roses, these sweet moments will warm my soul for a life time! : ) 

When watching American Idol yesterday (I tell ya, I am on a reality show high right now, between Idol and Bachelor (don't even get me started)) one of the guys that was on had what seemed to be an extreme amount of product in his hair, for his dark hair shown like a halo above him.  Bella was watching and critiquing her favorites when this guy came up and after listening to his ballad for a short while. She looked at me and said, "Mommy his sparkly hair is pretty."  Future idol judge? : )
Who is your favorite from this week!?

So speaking of Bachelor, whose team are you on?  Team Melissa or Team Jason?

To close my radomness I'll leave you with a picture of a pair of sweet sisters.  Brynn loves to look at books and was in her room just looking at books, when Bella left me and my room to go sit with her sister and read together.  So I snuck around the corner and secretly snapped a picture of the precious moment.  I'll cherish these moments FOREVER!

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