Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My Ministry......

When I was younger I wanted to be a singer, a nurse, or a teacher. Since I can't sing, can't stand needles, enjoyed and was pretty good with kids I went with being a teacher.

And although I have long since given up on a singing career, my longing to help people when they're sick hasn't gone away. One of my biggest dreams would be to be a baby holder. Just someone in the nursery with all the new babies. Changing them, washing them, burping and just snuggling. I would also love to be there for the new mommies, helping in any way I can. Do they have a volunteer position like that? : )

I'd also just love to be there for anyone during a difficult time like having to be in a hospital. Do they still have candy stripers? With the cute outfit too? : )

I also have a passion to serve in a jail ministry. You take one look at me and think that's the last place I'd want to be or should be. But that is what seriously draws me to it. I'd want to serve them and let them know I care about them, not that I'm scared of them.

After reading Bloom's Bookclub's last book 'Same Kind of Different as Me,' I wanted to go out right then and there and serve the poor like they had in the book.

So there's things I wish I could do right now, but it's just not feesible at this stage in my life. I know God asks us to serve him by serving others and I was feeling like I was letting him down in that area. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized I'm already involved in a ministry.

My ministry is to serve my husband and children.

Right now I can serve God by serving them the best way I can. All too soon they will be grown up and not need me anymore, so now is my time to pour in to them all I have to offer and raise them to love and serve the Lord.

Soon enough I will have the days to fullfill these other dreams I have, right now my passion are my girls!!

p.s. Remembering my kids are my ministry truly helps on days when I want to rip my hair out, I'm serving the Lord! : )


Kate said...

Amen! So many times I feel guilty for not "doing enough" but then like you, I remember that I am serving, just in a different capacity than others. Great post!

Jules said...

And what a wonderful servant you are....

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