Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Meet Giraffey.....

We'd like to introduce you to Giraffey.
Also known as Giraffey Giraffe.
Over the weekend I took the girls to Ikea to get out for the day. They had a lot of fun running around that massive store. : ) I think I have their future bedding picked out. I found this beautiful, bright, boldly colored bedding at Target. I got everything for $190 for two twin beds, including sheets, quilts, shams, and a decorative pillow for each bed! Bella has requested a pink room, so of course there is some pink but it has all the colors of the rainbow. I will certainly have to do a post just about their fun new bedding. Anyway Ikea was filled with things in the bold colors of their future room and at great prices. When we get closer to actually decorating their room, I shall be making another trip out to Ikea. : )
While we were there they had these adorable, soft, colorful stuffed animals for $3.99. I thought they would look great in their new room so I had them each pick one out. They also had cute mini versions for $.49, can't beat Ikea!
So Brynn picked out Giraffey here:

It was not until later that we discovered it is in fact a camel, not a giraffe. We've tried to change the name on her to Raffey, but Giraffey has stuck. : )
Bella picked out a hippo:

Bella has never been real creative with naming things. Her dolls and such are usually named Baby, Bella, or whatever kind of animal it is.
For some reason she came out with Sister Noodles House. I have no idea. But since, it's name is now Giraffey because of course in the end she wanted what her sister had. : )

So meet Giraffey the camel and Giraffey the hippo! : )

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Lee-Ann said...

LOL Those are so cute! My kids are funny with names too!

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