Monday, August 31, 2009

Staycation- Day 4- Our Last Day! : (

Our last morning "away."  Nothing fancy planned, just one last family stroll.
Again go here if you missed Day 1, Day 2, Day 3.

The girls had lots of calls to make while we were on our walk.  Brynn doesn't quite make it to her ear. : )
For our walk today we enjoyed walking along Lake Michigan and heading to Buckingham Fountain.
The girls enjoyed the beautiful fountain and running and dancing about.

And then back to Millennium Park for some more water fun...

And one last visit to the bean!

Before nap time Brynnie wanted a little twirl time, her new favorite thing.
And snuggle time with daddy!
We had such a wonderful, inexpensive, priceless time as a family.  Thank you SO much Uncle Jake and Auntie Shari for opening your home to us, we had a wonderful time!
And speaking of Jake and Shari please check back in Thursday so I can tell you a little bit more about these great friends of ours!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

NOT Not Me Monday...instead Day 3 of our Staycation!

Sorry, no not me Monday this week, instead more pics of our Staycation!  If you missed them be sure to check out Day 1 and Day 2.

Day 3, Saturday, we woke up and I whipped up some pancakes for a fun breakfast.  And yes my children are usually naked or close to it when they eat, especially when its something like honey with pancakes!
What a nice view.  We woke up to a beautiful, crisp, sunny day!
This morning we did the usual Mag Mile walk- the walk down Michigan Avenue where all the great shopping is.  Now since this was an economical vacation there was no major shopping.  We stopped in the usuals like Niketown.  We let Bella pick out one thing at the Disney Store.  We also showed her The American Girl Doll store, which excites me way more than it excites her.  She did say she liked all the clothes.  Little does she know she (well really I) already has three of the dolls (Kirsten, Kit, and Samantha-whom they discontinued, how sad is that?!).  We also enjoyed pointing out the Hancock building to them.

Can you guess which shop we were in here?  The girls met some nice men and wanted to hold hands, hmmm....
This is one of those performers that looks like a statue until you drop $ in, and then they dance.  He did a good job!
Bella thought the Hancock was "really big." 

Even though the Hubs and I have walked the Mag Mile many, many times I don't think either of us had ever noticed the beautiful little church in the midst of all the shops.  In the middle of all the bustle, skyscrapers, money being spent, sirens, horns honking, is this precious sanctuary just exuding beauty, peace, and hospitality.  So we of course had to stop in. : )

It had a beautiful courtyard in the center with a nice fountain.

After our walk on Michigan Avenue we headed back for naptime and when everyone was up we headed for the pool again.  This time I remembered the camera!

Then we went back up showered, packed up for the evening, and headed back to the pool area where there is an outdoor eating area with grills and had a very fancy dinner of mac and cheese and hot dogs. : )

Then again made our way to Millennium Park for a dance festival.  It was a mixture of stomping, modern dance, and ballet.  The girls enjoyed watching  it, but LOVED the ballerinas.  One ballerina was named Isabella and Bella just loved that.  As we left a bit early there were men ballet dancers dressed as ballerinas putting on a pretty funny performance!  We were surprised at how well it held the girls attention.
Putting on a little dance show of their own!

We headed back to the apartment and enjoyed the fireworks set off over Navy Pier!  
Another great day. : )

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