Friday, September 28, 2012

A new favorite spot.....

So labor day was gorgeous this year!
V's parents live in CA by the ocean so we thought they'd enjoy a day at a Lake Michigan beach near by.  This beach is only 30 minutes away from us and I think we've only gone 1 other time.  Not sure why we don't go more often.  The water was just GORGEOUS this day.  We will definitely be heading out here way more often in summers to come!

Quick workout. :)

Bella could have jumped the waves for hours.

Finally got Brynn out there.  I love this set of pics!

These 3 beauties had a great time!
Also loved making a sand castle with daddy.

Just chillin'

This was hilarious.  Mormor laid her towel down to get dried off, so then Cookie asked to have her towel laid out.  Then the hubby dared lay it over some where else, and she adamantly said, "No, here."  Right by here mormor, she knows what she wants!
After we had exhausted the kiddos we headed home, although not before mormor and poppi treated the girls to some milk shakes.
In heaven. :)

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Following family pics....

After our Kenosha family picture attempts we like to hit Carl's.  A really delicious pizza place, right downtown Kenosha, with views of the water.
 I'd like to know when she got so big?
 In an effort to entertain a squirmy 2 yr. old I took the girls for a walk while we waited for the pizza.
Caught a few cute pics on our walk with my phone. :)

Dinner was very yummy!!

Heading home.
 And to our surprise right as we were almost home fireworks starting going off near by.  So we quickly pulled into a near by parking lot and enjoyed them.

 This one was being especially snugly this evening, which we ate up of course.  She was calling the fireworks 'sparkles' all night, it was pretty cute. :)
 It got chilly and we didn't have jackets. :)
 Took our chairs out and enjoyed a fun end to a fun day!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Family Pic Attempts!

So every year we try to get up to a beautiful beach in Kenosha, WI to get family pics and take a picture with a similar set up like a family photo that has meant a lot to us over the years
So with the hub's parents in we went up and gave them a shot.  Here are some of my favs:

Check these out!

Check these out!
Just click on the pictures:

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