Thursday, April 15, 2010


Lots on my mind today....

Worried about Bella, she hasn't been acting appropriately in speech. She has a terrible habit of following anything a friend is doing. That kind of personality can lead to bad things come junior high and high school. I know its early to worry about such things, but just wondering what I can do to try to curve the behavior. We talk a lot about only do what we know is right, even if we see a friend doing something they shouldn't.....

Finally got to see New Moon while the hubs was gone. Yes, I secretly love the Twilight series. Didn't read them, but love the movies. Don't care for the whole vampire thing but I'm a sucker for a great damsel in distress story line. And goodness knows Bella gets herself in to trouble, especially in this new one. I just love how much Edward and Bella love each other. I'm torn though, I like Jacob but not too sure how I feel about him infringing on E and B. : )

Hoping a sewing machine I got from a neighbor works. I'd love to learn a little.

Modern Family was funny last night and happy Glee is back! : )

Wondering why in the world Brynn has no interest in the potty. She came up to me today and said, "Mommy change me please." Really?! How about we just use the potty! Although on another note blankie faze out was a success!! She now only uses it at bed time. It was a hard couple of days, but not as bad as I thought. She was a little clingier, took a little longer to calm down if she got hurt, and asked for it LOTS, but she now drops it in her crib when I go get her without me even asking. I think the thing that worked was each day I made her drop it in the crib, as apposed to me doing it. I think it helped that she was the one that made the "choice" to give it up. It took coaxing at the beginning but now she just does it!

I wish I could take advantage of my girls sleeping so well, but momma ain't sleeping so well.

Nervous and excited for our big day tomorrow. I pray things are healthy with Little Bean. I pray that no matter girl or boy the Lord has amazing things in store for their life.

Looking forward to reading Bloom Bookclub's latest book with some friends and wondering why its taking so long to be delivered.

I'm SUPER excited to start thinking of names for little bean!

How is it possible I have this many things going on in my head?

Mom and Dad come in tonight for a quick weekend trip, can't wait!

Finally, transferred our summer clothes in to our closets and I'm wondering how in the world the girls are going to be able to share a closet!?

Speaking of warm weather, we're in the 80s today! So we broke out our suits and hit the sprinkler.

Gotta end with some fun pics right?!

Debating whether to go in or not....
Decided just to be cute and hang out by momma's side. : )
Brave big sister had no problem jumping in! : )

Looking pretty by our blooming flowers!
I love this little one and her crooked smile. : )

Always count on Bella to strike a good pose. : )
Trying to convince sissy to come in with her, not going to happen! : )

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