Monday, April 19, 2010

More on Little Bean....

I know I already posted this but I wanted to post it again with new pics of Little Bean!!
Thought I'd give a little more details about our fun appointment Friday. The whole family went to the ultrasound- our family of four and my parents who were in town!
Here we are watching our beautiful baby girl kick and squirm, excuse my lovely white belly. : )

Everything looked great with Little Bean! And we are SO thankful that she is healthy. She would NOT hold still the whole time. The technician at one point even asked me what I fed her this morning. Yikes!! Hope that's not a sign to come. : ) The technician pushed on my stomach once and we saw Little Bean take both arms and push right back, it was too cute. She's going to be one tough cookie! : )
I've officially gained 5 pounds now- all in the last 5 weeks, yikes! I finally filled my closet with (wonderful) borrowed maternity clothes. I can get away with most normal clothes with the fantastic invention of Bella Bands but I'm wearing more and more maternity too.
Little Bean looked great at first glance but they said I could receive a call after they've had more time to look things over, but no news is good news!
They all said my fluid will need to be observed again due to my history with Bella. Yay, more pictures of Little Bean! : )

I've been looking around at names and have a couple I like but the hubs is being harder to please this time.....
Any ideas ladies?!


HeatherOz said...

OH, that is all just so exciting! I have so many great memories of finding out my babies' gender! I admit I was a little shocked when I found out we were have TWO BOYS! I thought for sure I would have boy/girl twins, just like my Mom!

Anonymous said...

hmmm.... how about Brooke... Beckah (that might be too close to Beckham ;)... You going will a "B" name or venturing on to the rest of the alphabet for this one? ;) -Nurmi

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