Friday, April 9, 2010

Little Bean Happenings & The Girls too....

Well I've reached the half way mark (actually over since I only go to 39 weeks)!!
20 weeks

Little Bean is officially moving and shaking.
Even the hubs could slightly feel him/her the other evening.
Whenever she/he moves I get a punch right in the bladder.
Sleeping is going ok. I'm usually up once or twice for a potty break, I deeply miss sleeping on my tummy. : ( Luckily my precious girls let me stay in bed until 8-8:30.
This time next week we will officially know what we are having,
and hopefully get a clean bill of health!
Not sure how much I've gained since my 16 week appointment (at that appointment I hadn't gained anything yet), but I'm positive it will be significant! I definitely have a tummy though and am especially huge after I eat!

Update on the girls:
Today they had their 2 and 4 year appointments. I was really struggling about whether to tell Bella or not that shots were coming. She's old enough now that those things can stick with her, ya know? We did tell her the night before we would heading to the doctor and he would check her ears, listen to her heart, etc and she was already beginning to worry so I held back. I felt just sick telling her it was going to be ok knowing what was coming. At the visit the girls did great and are both doing great. Both of them hammed it up quite a bit for Dr. T. Brynn is still in the 50th percentile like she always has been and our little peanut Bella is in the 25th percentile.
Finally it was shot time. I talked with Bella about what was coming and she was ok about it. I told her I had her blankie and a cookie for afterwards and that seemed to satisfy her. We went to the bathroom and when we came back our exam room door was shut and this horrible nurse was ushering me in to this other room. I told her, let me get my husband (you see I'm the biggest wimp and can't be in the room when the girls get their shots, it just breaks my heart). The mean nurse practically yelled no at me. I told her well I had to get her blankie. So I walk in and Brynn is wailing. : ( Looks at me with those sweet eyes, luckily they were done so I swept her up and the hubs went to the other room with Bella. It was quiet for awhile and then I heard her cry, "I don't want any more shots!" Oh break my heart. The hubs said she was completely quiet for the first shot but cried on the second. Such a brave little sweetie!
We got a little treat from the Disney store and now they are sleeping/resting and doing great.

I wonder if they'll ever know these shots are just as hard on their mommy and daddy as they are on them. And the hubs and I are both terrified on them ourselves!


Kelly said...

You look fabulous! So glad you're feeling ok.

Kate said...

You look wonderful! Molly hates the shots too! It is hard on the parents!! Have a great weekend!

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