Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Tonight was Mom's Night.
At Bella's preschool.
Bless her heart.
She was SO excited for tonight.
She's been asking when Mom's night is for about the last month.
We arrived (thanks to The Droesslers for manning the Littles for me!) and Bella had made a fun hat for herself and lovely flower button for me. She showed me around and played a bit. Then we all gathered and sung a couple of their preschool songs. Next we prayed and had a snack the kids helped prepare. After snack the kids decorated little coin purses for the mommies. We then read "Are You My Mother?" and then the kids performed a special song, the Mom Song. Below is video of Bella singing the lovely song. And below that are pictures from the evening with the actual song. If you're a mom its a must listen, its precious!

The Mom Song, by Go Fish
Love you my precious Big Girl!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Brooklyn Blythe is 5 Months!

This little cutie is 5 months! (January 23)
Oh my goodness, I just can't believe how fast the time is going!
Not sure if you can tell by these pictures but this lady is moving!
I sat her in her bouncer last night and a second later I looked over at her and she was sitting straight up, may be time to put the bouncer away. :)
She still hasn't rolled at all. Probably my fault though. She absolutely hates tummy time and I don't tend to push it. Guess we'll try to practice more. :)
Not much has changed since her 4 month post, since I was so late in posting it. She may be phasing out her evening nap soon but that's about it. She absolutely LOVES solids. I've been serving just the tiny amount that is recommended and she devours it, so I give a little more and before I know it, she's had half a jar. The only reason I stop is so I don't over feed her. I may add a morning feeding in soon since she is liking it so much. Let's make those rolls even yummier! :)
Whoa don't fall forward!

Love your little Alfalfa hair. :)
Could these big, blue eyes be any more mesmerising?

Be still my heart.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Drama Princesses....

Looks like I'm raising two little drama queens, or princesses as Bella would prefer! :)
Love it!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Might have to watch this one.....

I might have to watch Brynn a little more closely than we watched Bella. There are just certain things that just never occurred to Bella to try. Like, for example, after being put down for a nap in her Grandmother's bed, it would never enter Bella's head to maybe hop out, walk over to Grandma's bathroom, explore the counter, and discover the wonderfulness of mascara.

Nope. Never would have crossed her mind.

Now this one. That's a different story. :)

Doing her best to look remorseful.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Our Annual Christmas Party

So this year our annual Christmas party's theme was:
An Animated Christmas

So you were to come as your favorite animated character. I made my friend's wonderful chili, had some yummy appetizers and desserts, had great conversation, had some cartoon trivia, played some animated themed Pictionary, and had a great time of opening white elephant gifts!

Just wanted to share some of the great friends that made the party so fun!
See if you can guess who each person is. : )

Didn't catch Jackie and her husband Adam for a pic, sorry!
Me. :)
The hubs.
Dora was the winner of the costume contest. :)

Monday, January 17, 2011

I hesitantly post: Before and After

So I say hesitantly because I feel a bit foolish.

I hyped up my big haircut yesterday and now I'm not sure I really like it. :(

I wanted to post pics though (and this is NOT to fetch any compliments) so I don't leave you hanging anymore. :)

Not sure if I like how the bangs turned out and maybe if I should have gone shorter???

I considered donating like I did a couple of years ago but my stylist kind of talked me out of it and now I really wish I had. She ended up cutting 7 inches and then some and you need 10 to donate. I should have just stood up to her and done it.

Oh well here are the long awaited pics!
(I apologize for the terrible pictures, I had just woken up and we were rushing out the door for church)

Here is all my hair, it doesn't look that impressive but it was A LOT! :)


Later that night I showered and styled it myself to see if I liked it better, hmmm...

Friday, January 14, 2011

First Official Grab!

On December 11th
(yes I'm playing major catch up here :) )

Brooklyn had her official toy grab. I of course ran to get the camera to document it!

She's very proud of herself. :)

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Guess Who?!

Guess what sweet, sweet baby is four months old!?
Look she's even telling you, yuppers I'm 4 months yo. :)
Can not believe my big, blue eyed beauty is four months (On December 23rd, yes I'm behind)!!
So what's she up to?
She sleeps 8-6,quick feed, and then back down until I wake her at 8.
She nurses around 9-9:30
Down for nap at 9:30-10 until 11:30-12
Nurses again around 12:30-1
Down for nap number 2 at 1:30-2 until 3:30-4:30
Nurses at 4-4:30
Back down for a quick snooze at 5:30-6 until 6:30
And then nurse and bedtime at 8-8:30

She is miss smiley. Always a happy, content baby. Very squirmy, constantly moving. She tries super hard to sit up these days. As soon as I put her in her car seat she lifts her head and tries so hard. She wakes happy as can be from naps, even if I have to wake her. If she wakes on her own, she can usually be found jabbering away. She's grabbing at things constantly. Still sort of random but anything near her hands, she'll grab at. She just started making motor boats sounds, quite precious. She's also super aware of her paci these days, which is a must at bedtime, but she keeps pulling it out, and then won't go to sleep cause she doesn't have it! Agh, looking forward to when she figures out how to get it back in! She also likes to practically smother herself to fall asleep, makes me crazy nervous. I always sneak back in after she's asleep and move the blanket away. :)
Her smile usually includes her tongue or a wide open mouth. :)
No one can get her to smile or laugh like her big sisters!
She's one chill baby. :)
These days, she is rarely without, pretty much, all of her fingers in her mouth. No sure if its a teething thing (which I dare not say anymore since Bella didn't get teeth until 15 months) or just trying to find her fingers.

She still can't stand tummy time..
She may flash a quick smile but quickly moves to tears!
Also in other big news: Brooklyn has had her first taste of food!!
While in Colorado for Christmas I thought it would be special for Mormor, who's not usually around for firsts, to give her her first feeding!
First bite of cereal!
Not so sure what to think. :)
Looking to big sis, is this normal?
Overall a success! We don't get to it every day but I try to do it at dinner time when I remember or have time. :)
Getting so big, so fast.
I absolutely LOVE this stage, old enough to interact with you but not running away from you! :)

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