Monday, October 31, 2011

California- Day 2

Well Saturday, day 2 started out quite early!
Brooke slept in the room with us and the big girls slept with mormor and poppi.
Miss Bella, who was use to getting up early for school and was still on IL time got Mormor up quite early.
Brooke also, apparently, cries often in her sleep. Not sure if she was teething or we just don't hear her usually at home but she would cry and I would go check on her and she'd be sound a sleep.
So sleep was a little lacking on this trip. :)
So we woke up Saturday morning and immediately hit the beach for the day!

Brooklyn was right at home and loved it!
Our little adventurous one bravely took on boogie board lessons from her daddy.

She was a little nervous but she held her own!
This is as close as Brynn would get. :)

These two enjoyed making castles ALL afternoon!
Brooke's favorite thing to do is climb, so the hubs built her a hole and she was perfectly content climbing in and out of it for AWHILE! :)

This pic just cracks me up!
Where ya going daddy!?
Little miss would NOT nap there so we finally had to head home around 3 but enjoyed a beautiful lunch and afternoon there!
Finally had to plug this girl up so she'd stop eating sand. :)

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Our Big Trip- Day 1!

So last summer the hubs and I took our first vacation in 9 years. After that trip we decided it was something we must do every year but with the kids. We never go away- just travel for the holidays- so we really wanted to make sure we are getting away at least once a year just as a family.
If you've been with us for awhile you know, our two big girls are princess OBSESSED. Now my parents would not take us to Disneyworld until we were old enough to remember it, cause if you're going to shell out all that money, you want them to remember it. But right now is when they are totally enthralled by every thing Disney.
Now we usually have no budget for this type of thing but the Lord really provided for us and made a true dream of mine to come true, to take my 3 princesses to meet the princesses!

The hub's had been saving and saving his airline miles and was able to save up for 3 tickets! He also set up a work meeting out there so work covered his ticket. He is also a premiere member so doesn't have to pay for luggage. So our transportation was completely free!
We decided to go to Disneyland instead of world since the hub's parents live 25 minutes from the park and we could stay with them for free.
Also one of my hubby's groups at work is Disney and he was able to find a contact that got us free tickets into both of CA's parks!! What an answer to prayer!
We also had a other great adventures on our trip to California so bare with me as I share with you our memories!!

So Brynn had her first day of school and then we left the next day for a week! It wasn't ideal timing but when working with miles and the Hub's work you do what works.
So when Bella got done with school on Friday we immediately headed to the airport.
We brought Brynn's carseat but planned to just hold Brynn and lock miss wiggly pants Brooke into the seat once in the air.
Thankfully we were taking off right at naptime. So I got Brooke locked in the seat, she fussed a bit but not too bad and about 30-45 minutes in she was out. Brynn also fell asleep in the hub's lap. So Bella and I colored and hung out for about an hour and a half.
After Brooke woke she played contently for a bit in her seat, then a fed her food s-l-o-w-l-y and we changed a diaper, giggled with the attendants, played a bit more and then we were there!
And of course the first thing the hubs must do when getting to Cali- hit up an In and Out!

Getting packed up!
Think they'd let me check her? :)
Got their backpacks and ready to go!
In them: new activity, coloring book, and box of crayons- they can literally color for HOURS. They also had their Tag books and each a princess Barbie and prince, but all they did was color. :)
Had my little travel companion attached to me for our travel day, literally. She looks so tiny. :)

Hopefully these 3 cuties travel well!
Here we go!
We originally had Brynn buckled in the carseat because we didn't know if they would allow her to be on our lap since she's over 2, but they didn't care so we switched them when the seatbelt light went off.
And here is Bella, Brooke, and daddy!
Playing in her seat for a bit!

Brynn out cold with the hubs. :)
And she's out!
Happy to be with Mormor and Poppi. Enjoying a bedtime book with Poppi.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Baby #2's Turn.....

Now its my 2nd sweet sweet baby's turn to start school!!!

Still can't believe I am typing that. How is it possible?!?!

After the excitement of Brooke's first birthday and Bella starting Kindergarten, Brynn was definitely ready for some of her own attention! :)

Here are the pics from her big Day:

Found her cubby, her face was priceless when she found her name on her very own cubby.

Found her name for the attendance board!
I was a little nervous how she might be because she's super timid and at times doesn't like to leave my side, but I turned around and she had taken off to the house area! So thankful. :)
Had a great first day!!
Here is Brynn and her classmates Anna, Ella Claire, and Madelyn. Bella did preschool with their older siblings so it was great Brynn already had some friends! :)
Its hilarious, but Brynn TOWERS over her friends, definitely not from the Domier side. :)
So proud of my little preschooler!!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Attempted One Year Pics....

So we attempted one year pictures with little Miss Brooklyn.

However she was more interested in sticking out her tongue,

Not holding still,
and refusing to look at the camera.
We have officially entered the hard to get a picture stage!

Ever since Bella was 1.5 we've been taking these family beach pictures.
Look how we've grown.

Check these out!

Check these out!
Just click on the pictures:

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