Thursday, April 1, 2010

Spring Break!

So this week we have no school, no speech class, no responsibilities.
And to make things even better our weather has been amazing!! Barely April and we've had sun and 70s all week (and actually a record tying low 80s today!)

So what have we done with our free time and beautiful weather?!
Absolutely nothing.

The girls have been under the weather big time. : (
I totally jinxed us.
The other week I was talking to a friend about how this winter wasn't so bad. We had the wonderful stomach flu that went around and a minor cold early in the winter, but overall not bad, right? Well that did us in. The girls have had a miserable cold and a cough that sounds like they've been smokers for years for the last week. I first knew something was up when Bella begged for a nap, slept two hours, and still went to bed at 8 without a fuss. Bella is always a mess when she is sick, no matter how bad it really is, but this one really took a toll on her, she was just miserable. Bella has been on the mend now for several days but of course the lovely cough lingers forever. And despite all our best efforts of keeping them sanitized and separated from each other, just as things were better with Bella, little one came down with it. Brynn, who normally doesn't let illnesses change her sweet disposition has even been effected by it. Waking up at night pointing at her nose and saying, "boogers!"
Hopefully, for real this time, we're done for the season!

Yesterday, Brynn seemed to be doing better so we broke free of the house today! We had a fun playdate with Bella's preschool friend, Alyssa and her sister Anna at a local park.

Neither of them wanted to look at me. : )

Miss Brynn enjoying some lunch. As soon as we got out of the car she insisted on wearing her sunglasses, she's cool like that. : )

I missed a pic of sweet little Anna. : (
Miss Bella's britches wouldn't stay up and of course had to get a pic. : )
Playing peek-a-boo!
And yesterday we heard the ice cream truck for the first time, so we had a nice cool treat after rest time!
Excuse the bed head, just woke up!
Of course, princess babies can't be too far from them. : )

Happy Spring Break!
We hope to enjoy the end of ours. : )


Kate said...

Yea for doing nothing! Boo for being sick!! The girls looked like they enjoyed their ice-cream treat :)

Jules said...

What a great way to spend your time...

Kelly said...

It's so pooey to be sick on spring break! so glad the girls are feeling better. Looks like ya'll had tons of fun playing at the park! I love how Brynn has her sunglasses upside down- so cute! :)

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