Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My Mission....

My Mission:

Rid Brynn of having to have her blankie with her 24/7- she can still have it at nap and bedtime (not brave enough to risk her 3 hr. nap and 12 hour night sleeping)

Get Brynn potty trained

Decorate the girls new room (they will be sharing)

Make the girls' bunk bed (this is actually the hubs mission : ))

Prepare nursery- if its a boy, which by the looks of the poll, most of you think so. : )

Organize basement/toyroom/guestroom

Have a garage sale to free up some space and put $ towards finishing the basement- we're busting at the seams of this house!

Have the girls going to bed peacefully and back to their regular 8pm-8am sleeping schedule in their new room together

Yikes, so much to do (and I'm sure I'll think of more) and only 19 weeks to do it!!


Kate said...

Wow! I need to break Molly of the pacifier, she only has them at nap time and bed, and she only carries them around, she does not put it in her mouth, odd, huh? It's just a habit now and I am scared to attempt to break it! Good luck with all of your tasks!

Kelly said...

Wow, you have alot you want to do, but I'm sure you can do it!!! I remember getting a burst of energy the last hl=alf of my pregnancy!

I can't wait to find out if you are having a boy or girl!!!!!! :)

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