Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Works for Me Wednesday!

So I got this idea from this lovely blogger, although I don't think she does it anymore, but every Wednesday she would post some great idea that worked for her.  I would like to share one of my ideas.

This precious beauty...

And this cutie pie...

don't usually enjoy veggies.  I know shocker.  So I have tried many creative ways of trying to get them to eat it: mixing it up in other foods on the plate-both of them literally will pick through it and eat everything put the greenery on their plate, I've tried pureeing it and mixing it in whatever we're serving, such as spaghetti sauce- I will admit this does work but there are flaws in this method, first of all it only works if what you're serving has some kind of sauce to mix it in, a serving of chicken that has mysteriously become green, ain't gonna fly.  The other problem is I was reading some where although this is a good method it doesn't really teach children to eat/enjoy vegetables, which is a good point.  So after all my failed attempts I may have discovered away.  

My answer: discover fun things, you know they'll love, for them to dip them in or to be sprinkled on top.  Although it may add a little fat to the meal, the nutrients they are getting from eating their vegetables far out weigh what little fat you may be adding (plus who doesn't love a little chub on their babies!), unless of course your smothering them in chocolate syrup or sprinkling them with pure sugar. : )

Some of my creations:
I have added parmesan cheese or shredded mozzarella to green beans.  I have also allowed Bella to dip her green beans in Ranch. (not pictured)  I know sounds disgusting to me too but she loves ranch and it gets me a clean plate!

And look all gone!

I rolled cooked carrots in seasoned bread crumbs.  

And again ALL gone!

Bella will eventually eat her vegetables since we force her but Brynn is still too young to be forced and will hardly ever touch her vegetables except peas occasionally.  I did this to her carrots the other night and it was the first thing she ate and she ate it all.  I was shocked and so proud of myself (oh and her too)!

Hey and when all else fails, I am NOT above bribery.  There's nothing this girl won't eat if a precious roll is at stake!

What works for you!?

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This is what I found on food network. scuse the raw URL, I'm being lazy about coding right now.




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