Thursday, March 19, 2009

The true reason for this blog...

Another reason I wanted to start this blog, other than sharing my sweet babies with you and maybe some advice along the way, I wanted to help spread the word.  What do I mean?  Since I entered the blog world my eyes have truly been open to all the hurt, struggles, and sorrow out there and my heart truly breaks for each story I read.  I want to help, I want to give them a hug or bring them a meal, just something.  Since in all reality I can't do these things I thought at least I can help spread the word for these families.  That way you too can have them in your thoughts and prayers.  How encouraging to know you're not alone and that there are people out there that care and are thinking and praying for you.

I was very naive about having children and such until I starting having my own and those around me all entered, apparently, baby making age and started having families of their own.  I always thought you got married, you had your kids when you wanted them, and then grew old together.  But since then I've learned how hard getting pregnant, staying pregnant, having a healthy child, and growing old with your children really can be.  Each child is such a beautiful blessing and we need to thank God for EACH day that we get with them.  Since my eyes have been opened I truly cherish each day with my girls.  It helps me get through those long days in which I felt like all I heard was whining and crying.  Each night when I sneak in to the girls' rooms to say goodnight I try to remember just to thank the Lord for one more day with them.  Even those terrible days.  Even a hard day, in which you were able to have your child in your arms, is precious.  If you have children know you are blessed with such a HUGE gift and never ever take it for granted.  If you look on the bar on the right of my blog you will see some buttons of families I'm thinking and praying for, go ahead and click on them and meet them for yourselves. I'll keep you posted as I hear of others that could use our prayers!

Click here, to meet a young family that after their 11 month old's ear infection wouldn't go away they found out that she had cancer and three weeks later she was gone.  They have been amazingly strong through this ordeal and could really use your thoughts and prayers.  Our prayers go out to them and sweet Cora in heaven.  Here's a verse that Cora's mommy takes comfort in during these hard times. "The Lord is close to the brokenhearted; he rescues those who are crushed in spirit." Psalm 34:18

Click here, to meet a family that was blessed with sextuplets but ended up just losing them all because they came too early.  We are on our knees for you Tipping Family.

Click here, to meet such a strong, inspirational woman who lost her husband in a car accident in the beginning of January, has a young toddler, and is newly pregnant.

Click here, to visit a family that has a child of their own naturally, lost a child of theirs, has an adopted child, and just had an adopted child taken back from them after having her already.

Also there are times, despite all our prayers the outcome is not what we would hope but here is a wonderfully funny, inspiring woman  that shows us how we can begin to over come tragedy and go on to live life to the fullest.  Go to the left of her blog where it says "Welcome" to hear her story from the beginning. 

And there are times when things look bleak but amazing miracles happen!  Click here, here, and here.

Some others:

Thank you Jesus for allowing me the privilege of being the mother to these beautiful girls!

Isabella Kathryn

Bryanna Karina

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