Friday, April 12, 2013

Potty Training?

So potty training.
Every mother feels the pressure of getting on their child to be potty trained.
With Bella as soon as she was 18 months I brought the potty out so she could start learning the vocabulary and the how to to potty use.
And right at 2 we said ok lets do this.
I tried the setting the timer route or asking her and wasn't having much success.
Soon my mom came in town and it was nice to have reinforcement.  She suggested I leave Bells butt naked, so we did, and she immediately got it.  Never once had an accident.  She would feel the sensation, not want to get it on the floor, and run to the bathroom.  She tackled nap and night time later by the time she was 3.
Score one for us!  Awesome potty training mom here, right?!

Um, no.
Then Brynn came along.
Seeing her big sister do it all the time I thought oh this time around will be a breeze too.  I was due in August with Brooklyn so it was my goal to have her trained before then to only have one in diapers, Ha!
I attempted that summer but our naked method did not work with Brynn, she would just pee all over the floor.  And she could hold it forever, so I could never catch her on the potty.  So I decided to just wait till she was ready but then I had Brooklyn and I was not dealing with potty training.  After Brooklyn was a couple months old (Novemberish) than I was feeling more ready (she would be 3 in Feb.).  Since I waited a little later, I think, she did staying dry at day time and sleep time all at once.  But I could not get #2!  She would just hold it and go at nap and bedtime since I still had a diaper on her at sleep time just in case.  Grrr...
This went on for months.  Finally out of frustration, and I fully regret now, I took away her diaper at nap and bedtime.  I knew she wouldn't go in her underwear so I was curious about what would happen.  Wanna know what happened?
She didn't poop for a week.  
Yikes, yeah not so much of an awesome potty training momma anymore.
I won't go in to all the long details but check out my post here and here.

Anyway, after the nightmare experience with Brynn I was in NO HURRY to potty train Brooklyn.  I figured I'll get to it when she starts preschool and I have to.  I was determined to wait until she ready.  I've tried a couple times here and there since she turned 2 to see if she was ready but naked also didn't work for her and she could hold it forever like Brynn.  It just became so easy to just change her once or twice a day when she was poopy, than having to deal with a potty trained toddler.  So I have been trying to ignore my stupid mommy guilt as I hear of others her age getting trained.  So this week the hubby had two work trips fall right in a row making him gone all week long. :(  So obviously now is NOT when I would want to tackle potty training.  However the day he left I noticed Brooklyn give me a look that afternoon like she was sensing something, so I asked her if she had gone potty.  She said yes.  Hmm.  So that night she asked to get out of the bath so I asked her if she had to go potty, she said yes, and actually went!!  I had been trying for 6 months to catch tinkle and hadn't yet so this was huge.  And now ever since Sunday evening she has been tinkling in the potty!!  Crazy!  Like I said, not when I would have chosen to do it but it really does pay off to wait until THEY are ready.  It was a breeze!  I literally didn't do anything, it was all her.  Now Monday we were home all day so I was able to be better about catching everything but the rest of the week we have preschool pick up and drop offs and MOPS so she hasn't #2 on the potty, just goes in her diaper (I've been throwing one on under her undies when we're out and about) or her undies today because I was not being good about paying attention to her.  So I'm not saying she's potty trained but we're definitely in the trenches.  So just praying since this was her doing it will be a much smoother process than with Brynn!  I'll definitely keep y'all posted on her progress. :)

My lesson for all:

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