Friday, April 19, 2013


Well now I just feel silly about my rant. 
There are things much worse going on in the world right now than my lack of energy and hating my hair.

Anyway doing much better today.  Brooklyn has gone back to accident free the last two days so not sure what her issue was that day.  I slept better last night.  Our weather still stinks and there is mass flooding all around us right now (we're in Chicago).  But we are VERY thankful to be far enough in between the two major rivers that are over flowing right now.  And we are also VERY thankful for a working sump pump.  Pretty much everyone has a flooded basement it seems.  So so thankful. 

My brother and sister in law live about a mile or two from Watertown where they supposedly have the last bomber suspect cornered and are going door to door to look for him.  They are in lockdown and safe in their home.  I'm so thankful they are safe and that law enforcement seems to be doing all they can.  Praying for their continued safety!

After a week of news stories like we've had it just reminds you to be thankful for the little things.  I recently heard Julie Barnhill speak (love her!) and she talked about how we need to celebrate the normal things with our kids.  Not just the extraordinary.  Celebrate a snuggle in the morning.  Celebrate hearing your little one belly laugh.  Celebrate when your little one toots while she sneezes and then laughs hysterically (may have just happened).  Yes celebrate!!  We get too wrapped up in trying to have the smartest, most talented, best dressed etc.  So I'm trying to remember that during this hard week and celebrating the normal!

Here's some of our norm:
My girls are obsessed with The Voice.  They'll turn around backwards and only turn around if they like the singer.  Future judges here!
So yesterday morning I gave Brynn breakfast and she turned to me and said,
 "You make the best breakfast ever mom."
Yes, that's a bowl of golden grahams.
Thankfully she's easily pleased! :)
Brooklyn didn't want to be left out. :)
 Sent this to my parents in Colorado yesterday,
hoping the guilt trip works. ;)
Yesterday we had dinner with a worm on our table.  Yes a worm.  Apparently worms are Bella's favorite animal right now.  Not sure whose daughter she is??  Afterwards the hubs told her we had to let it go so it could live and she went in to hysterics.  It was crazy.  She was quite attached to Wormy (she's very creative with names).  Who is now living in a flower pot close to our back door so she can visit any time. :)

Today I came down to snow.  Really?!  
Apparently spring does NOT want to come and stick around.  

Bella's teacher emailed me last week and asked if the girls and I wanted to come in as a mystery reader. Of course!  Don't have to ask me twice.  Have I mentioned how much I love Bella's teacher? :)  Miss Brooklyn was a little squirrely of course but her and Brynn were good.  Bella was thoroughly surprised which warmed this mommy's heart.  Then I surprised her with taking her out to lunch. :)  I told Bella this morning she would be getting hot lunch and thought it was pizza something but of course she wanted to know exactly what is was and if she would like it.  I just tried to brush her off but she's a little worrier.  Then when I told her I was taking her out she worried because she already told her teacher she was getting hot lunch.  I told her not to worry her teacher was in on the secret and didn't really get her hot lunch.  Agh, she is just too precious! :)
Her face says it all:

Well I am also thankful that due to the major rain we have had Bella's soccer game is canceled for the weekend and we don't have to go out in this COLD!
Hoping to snuggle up and have a nice, relaxing weekend with the fam. :)

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