Friday, April 26, 2013

Our week.....

This week's highlights aren't all that exciting.  Monday we actually had nice/warm weather so we hit a park for the first time this spring.  I had all the intentions to take some pics but I failed.  This was a MOPS week for me so the little girls and I headed over to church Wednesday morning and got things set up for the next day.  I always set up the mics and the girls just LOVE testing them out for me. :)
 Afterwards we headed to get Bella from school and head out to the doctor for their 5 and 7 year appointments (just a couple months behind).
Everyone was very serious about their reading while we waited. :)

We knew Bella was good on shots but couldn't remember where Brynn was at with shots.  Unfortunately, Brynn did need two shots and a finger prick.  Thankfully the hubs ALWAYS joins me for their appointments and takes the hard job of being with them during shots.  Brynn however FREAKED out this time, long before they even came near her.  I wasn't even in the room and it was so hard to hear from the hallway.  She of course immediately stopped when it was over.  Poor baby.  We stopped and got a chocolate shake treat afterwards though. :)  They're both doing well of course and here are their stats:

Bella:  25th percentile- height: 45 in.  and weight: 46 lbs.

Brynn:  75th percentile- height: 43.5 in.  and weight: 45 lbs.

(Little sis is catching up to big sis ;)  )

Today (Thursday) was take your child to work day at the hub's office and Bella (unfortunately they have to be 6 or older to go, so Brynn will go next year) has literally been asking ALL week how much longer till Thursday.  She even popped right in to our room at 6:30 this morning asking if it was time to go.  I can't wait to hear about it but I'm sure she has had an awesome day with daddy.  The hubs sent me one pic and a video, they're too cute!
I took this right before they left, can you tell she's excited? :)

Ha!  Apparently she thinks daddy makes the big bucks. :)

Here are some of my fav phone pics from the week. :)

The girls LOVE edamame, EVEN Brooklyn!  I think they enjoy opening them as much as they enjoy eating them.
 This is where I found Brooklyn the other morning.  Silly goose!

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