Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Our Insta-Spring Break....

So we kicked break off with a birthday party for one of Bella's besties at school, Kaitlyn.
It was at a dance studio and the girls had a blast.

We had a family movie night and dinner picnic one night.  
We rented Wreck-it Ralph and the girls LOVED it.  Its a super cute movie and Bella said she likes it even more than Tangled (that's saying a lot).
So Monday was officially our first day of spring break and this is how it looked.  Not very spring like weather with flurries.  Unfortunately, the hubs and I started spring break off REALLY sick. :(
So Monday I just took them to the mall to run around and get out of the house.
and rode some rides...

The girls graciously entertained themselves while I laid on the couch most of day 1 and 2.  Here they are teaching Cookie video games. :)
By Day 2 I was feeling a little more normal and wanted to do something with them each day, so that night I took the big girls to see The Croods.  Another very cute movie.
Day 3 we hit the local indoor pool.  The girls could have stayed ALL DAY.
Here Brooklyn is with one of her besties Molly.

That night, since the hubs was out of town I took the kids to our local Kid's museum since it was free Wed. evenings.  It was nice they could run around, make a mess, and I could just sit and watch and not have to pick anything up. :)
Fishing. :)

I got to watch a very good show about a scientist princess.  Very...creative. ;)

Not sure who this little model was suppose to be. ;)
The conclusion. :)
And then some yummy dinner at Noodles!
Thursday- Day 4
We went to a near by Bouncie house with friends.  This was the only pic I got.  Molly and Brooklyn don't look thrilled but they were having a blast.  A good two hours of fun was had!
Friday- Day 5- was a very exciting day. Blech.
I had to take my sugar test that morning.
We did do some stamping and spring pictures with foam stickers that morning.

It was actually nice out this day.  The hubs and the girls played outside while I got to wait inside to get my blood drawn. :(
Afterwards we had lunch with daddy at the mall.
The rest of the week was spent remembering and celebrating Easter. 
The girls loved opening their resurrection eggs.

And they enjoyed very cute and sweet gifts from Mormor Glass for Easter.
Bella got a Hello Kitty purse with a 300 piece puzzle inside that they all loved putting together.  And Brynn got a purple bunny purse she just loves too.
Brooklyn especially loved her little ducky purse. :)
And that was our spring break in a nutshell via my cell phone! :)

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