Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Weekend Recap.....

So our weekend was low key.  Thankfully the clouds closed and gave us blue skies for the weekend and helped dry out the area a little bit.  Saturday we sat around most of the day and took care of a couple projects here and there.  I finally got the girls' 7/5/2.5 year pics which I have been wanting to do for a bit but our lighting has been non-existent for the last couple weeks.  I also completely forgot to take Bella to a birthday party to a good friend from school that I had just RSVPed for.  I felt just terrible!!  That night we went to a fancy dinner of Wendy's and hit the mall playground for a bit just to get out of the house for a bit.

Sunday we went to a great church service.  Afterwards we always go out to lunch for those interested and this week we had a big group!  We had 8 adults and 13 kids!  So we pretty much took over Go Roma, which we love because kids eat free on Sundays and their fries are amazing!! :)  Afterwards we headed home for rest time, I worked on editing the pics I took, and the hubs organized the garage and the cars.  They look great!

So very exciting and thrilling weekend. :)  But I'll take it!  We have had too much drama in the news and the hubs has been working and traveling like crazy, so a low key weekend is great.  The hubs doesn't have late meetings or travel at all this week- first time in at least 2 months- we're SO excited!  Well ok mostly me. ;)

Didn't take any pics (besides the 7/5/2.5 pics which I'll share soon!) this weekend but Bella's teacher sent me a couple from when we were the Mystery Reader on Friday!  Also I've hit the 30 week mark, eep!!  Single digits baby, only 9 more weeks!!  Which totally panics me when I think too much about it. :)  So updated with some belly pics. :)
Miss Brynn and Brooklyn front and center of course.

Love this cutie patootie!
 30 weeks and can still see my toes!!

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