Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Festivities....

This year's Easter festivities:
So a friend and me are in charge of hospitality for our MOPS group.  So right before Easter we put on an Easter egg hunt for all the kiddos.  It was crazy trying to plan for over 100 kids, getting the eggs stuffed, and making sure there were enough for everyone but everyone seemed to have fun so that's what matters!
Here are Brynn and Brooklyn ready to go!  
Even though it was SUPER cold we were trying to channel spring in our flower jeans...
Brynnie helping Brooklyn in her room...
Then there was a break to watch Veggie Tales' Twas the Night Before Easter...
And then the big kids had a hunt in their room....
These two had fun!
So Saturday we had great plans to head to our friend's Culvers and participate in his egg hunt but we were totally late and missed it. :(  I was SO sad for the girls.  Thankfully they handled it wonderfully and our friend's daughter graciously "hid" a couple for for each of our girls after we arrived. :)

They had fun meeting Scoopy though! :)
So afterwards we were to head up to Milwaukee to finally see our dear friends that we haven't seen in forever!  However we had time to spare so the hubs wanted to run in to a Flea Market across the street. While we were walking in we saw a sign that said they were having a egg hunt at 11 and it was 10:50!!  I was so excited for the girls and they were too.  So how it worked was there were over 300 vendors that had eggs hidden some where in their booths and each kid could go around and find 1 egg and bring it back for a prize.  So kind of lame but the girls loved it! :)
Woohoo, about to hunt in a flea market. :)
Then we spent the rest of the afternoon with this cutie and her mommy and daddy.  
Can you tell how tired (and sweaty) they are?!
Remember how I mentioned my bestie had her baby recently?  Well here are all 6 of our precious girls at church on Easter!!
A Miss Kendall too another friend from our small group.
In awe of what Jesus has done for us!
We promised them their own egg hunt in the backyard when we got home since we missed out on a good one this year.  They LOVED it!
Itching to be released!!

And course had to give them some chocolate bunnies. :)
And soaked in a little bit of the warmer weather before it cools off again!

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