Friday, January 13, 2012

Our First, well 3rd, New Walker Injury!

Well last week we had our first new-walker injury.  Thankfully we made it to 16 months before we did.  You know every kid, unless you keep them in a bubble, has one.  Our big girls each had one.  Thank the Lord Almighty none have them have been real serious.

Last week, Brooklyn was playing at the top of our two stairs, oh and I saw it coming.  It was one of those slow motion things.  I saw her getting too close and went to grab her and she of course fell before I could.  Worse thing is her face and forehead took the brunt of the fall. :(  Poor sweet thing.  She was SO worked up she ended up vomiting which of course freaked us out.  However, she has an extremely high gag reflux so this is not too unusual for her. :(  We definitely kept on eye on her though.  Her eye was red around it and very swollen.  I thought for sure she'd have a black eye in the morning but the next day you couldn't see any evidence of her fall.  She apparently has her daddy's tough skin! :)

Snuggling and snacking with big sissy after the incident
 Swollen and red, but still all smiles.
 They were finding it quite entertaining that they could see themselves in my phone.
 Poor baby.

Just for kicks, here's Bella after her first major new-walker injury.  Not sure if you can see, but her's actually drew blood. :(  She hit her top gums (no teeth yet) on the corner of our dresser!
 Here's Brynnie boo.  She ran smack into the table leg of my grandma's dining room table.  Can't tell here so much but the huge welt came out about half an inch from her forehead!  
Poor sweet baby!  Breaks a momma's heart when they get hurt.

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