Thursday, January 5, 2012


Not sure if I have ever mentioned this but my parents were missionaries in Europe for several years.  And the last year they served overseas, I was born! :)
I was born in Vienna, Austria.
That being said my parents have a love for all things that remind them of Europe, and so do the Hub's and I.  Several years ago, my parents took us to the Chriskindlemarket downtown Chicago.  They have quaint little booths just filled with German food, clothing, art, ornaments, etc.  Since then, the hub's and I try to get down there every year.  So this year we took the Domier clan.
Unfortunately, the night began with about a 1 hour trip taking 2 and a half hours, but such is life driving to our lovely city after naptime. :( 
The weather wasn't too cold, well at least to us veteran Chicagoans, but the Californians we were with probably wouldn't agree. :)  Only downside was it was a little drizzly when we first got there, luckily it didn't last long.
We were bundled and ready for some window shopping.

Uncle Nate and his crew didn't last very long but the rest of us enjoyed the scenery. 
Us ladies headed to Qdoba for dinner while the Hub's and Poppi enjoyed some brats and sauerkraut. Yuk!  We also picked up this beautiful star ornament and some delicious roasted nuts.

Hard to see but to the left of the giant Christmas tree the booths are all set up there, you can see the tops of the tents.

The Macy's in our city is well known for it's awesome windows at Christmas time.  They have them beautifully decorated to go along with a story (like Nutcracker, etc) and it moves, etc.  Well this year they were super disappointing.  They were beautiful and moving but there was no story line, so it didn't interest the girls.  Anyone local know what they were trying to show?!  

Inside Macy's there is a great restaurant called The Walnut Room, the wait is usually hours.  In the center of the restaurant is a giant tree that is 3 or 4 floors high.  So we went in to check it out. :)

Overall and fun night in the city!

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