Friday, January 27, 2012

Life via my Phone....

3 little ones and not too much going on during the cold winter months?  Means a lot of our life is documented on my phone.  I thought I would share some of my recent favs.

Got this idea from Kelly's Korner's blog.  Playing with glow sticks in the bath tub, if the water hadn't gotten cold the big girls would have stayed in there forever!

We don't get out very often, but we have decided to babysit swap back and forth with some good friends of ours.  We recently got a night out to enjoy Red Robin and then see Mission Impossible.  We were trying to remember the last movie we saw together and all that we could remember was Toy Story 3 last Christmas. Yikes!

Celebrated our friend, Eliana's, birthday at Gymnastics Factory

Caught the girls having fun with their besties at Church.  I remember growing up in church waiting for my parents to quit talking already and horsing around our congregation.  So fun to see our girls doing the same.

 If I had to watch a sport, my pick would be football.  Its the most interesting to me.  And now with all the Tebow hype, its totally got me into it.  I can't believe the courage he had to be outspoken as he is.  He truly is inspirational.  We watched the big game that ended very excitingly in OT and had to do a little Tebowing afterwards. :)

The girls and I were on our own one night so we had a nail painting party.  Had my own little assembly line going. ;)  I even did the big girl's finger nails for the first time now that Bella isn't sucking her fingers. (left Brynn's thumb unpainted though)

Somebody enjoys helping me do the dishes by getting IN the dishwasher, in her Tinkerbell costume and all. :)

The girls got some Shrinky Dinks from a friend for Christmas and they insisted on watching them the entire time they were in the oven.

That's our life from a phone! :)

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