Saturday, January 7, 2012

Christmas Eve....

 So the day started off with Mormor's yummy Swedish pancakes.  We just laid low for the day.  That afternoon we went to church for a great service!  Once we got home Mormor and I finished up our fabulous Ham dinner.  It was SO good if I do say so myself. :)  After we ate, we briefly picked up cause we had three very excited little girls.  Then daddy read the Christmas story from his Bible App. :)  After we read and prayed the opening commenced!  We tried to take turns and be organized about it but Cookie was going around and opening everyone's presents!
The girls were very blessed this year!  They received everything they asked for between their two Christmases (one in MN too).
Brynn had been begging for a Lalaloopsy doll after she saw them in a commercial before Christmas last year but Christmas and her birthday came and went.  But this year she still was begging for one, so she got one!  Bella has been wanting a talking Jessie doll, so she was thankful Mormor and Poppi brought her one!
Reading about the birth of Jesus.

Serious about unwrapping. :)

Became an opening frenzy!
 Present from Uncle Conor and Aunt Bonnie....
What is it....
 Just a little excited. :)
 Instantly in love. :)
 BIG hit Uncle Conor and Auntie Bonnie. :)

 What is it.....

 What could it be.....
 Lalaloopsy doll!
 Someone was very excited to get the scarf he's been asking for for the last 2 year! Thanks C and B!

Up the movie!

 An instant snuggle for baby Rapunzel- she has been snatching up her sisters since they got them at Thanksgiving so the Hub's and I just decided to get her one. :)
 Can I open this one?
 Tree House for their Littlest Pet Shop.
 K I'll move on to this one. :)
 Family trip to the zoo from Uncle Alec.
 Time to play and enjoy the things we were blessed with!
 Already a master of the Leapster we got the girls, wonder where she got her skills from? :)
Merry Christmas Eve!

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