Thursday, April 29, 2010

First Dentist Visit!!

So yesterday I took the girl to their first dentist appointment. Some doctors recommend taking them to see a dentist as soon as they turn 2, some say 3 yrs. old. Since Bella didn't get her first tooth until she was 15 months and still only had 4 when she turned 2 I held off on taking her. Brynn got her teeth much earlier, and I thought had them all, so I thought it was time to get them both in. I was quite nervous about it. I think my own apprehensions with the dentist were clouding my thoughts as to what the day might be like. I was especially nervous about how Brynn would react to it all. Bella is quite the cooperative young lady but Brynn can be bit of a stinker and likes things on her own terms.

Bella hopped up first and did a great job! Opening her mouth and allowing it to be sucked out when needed. She had fun picking out her flavors of things and using the princess flosser! : )
(I apologize for the picture quality- I only had my point and shoot camera)

Proudly checking out her sparkling teeth!
While they were finishing up with Bella, Brynn hopped up in a chair next to her. She did great!! Opened right up, picked her flavors, let them scrub away at her teeth. She had a hard time keeping her mouth open wide enough at times but was happy to oblige when asked to open it again.

Watching it all in her mirror!

Showing off her sparkling teeth and then smiling for mommy and daddy!

They each got their picture taken and a special note from their doctor/assistants!
And I'm happy to report both girls are cavity free!
Oh and Bella has all 20 of her teeth but Brynn doesn't have her second set of molars yet so only has 16.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wordless Wednesday- Love that crooked little smile!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My Ministry......

When I was younger I wanted to be a singer, a nurse, or a teacher. Since I can't sing, can't stand needles, enjoyed and was pretty good with kids I went with being a teacher.

And although I have long since given up on a singing career, my longing to help people when they're sick hasn't gone away. One of my biggest dreams would be to be a baby holder. Just someone in the nursery with all the new babies. Changing them, washing them, burping and just snuggling. I would also love to be there for the new mommies, helping in any way I can. Do they have a volunteer position like that? : )

I'd also just love to be there for anyone during a difficult time like having to be in a hospital. Do they still have candy stripers? With the cute outfit too? : )

I also have a passion to serve in a jail ministry. You take one look at me and think that's the last place I'd want to be or should be. But that is what seriously draws me to it. I'd want to serve them and let them know I care about them, not that I'm scared of them.

After reading Bloom's Bookclub's last book 'Same Kind of Different as Me,' I wanted to go out right then and there and serve the poor like they had in the book.

So there's things I wish I could do right now, but it's just not feesible at this stage in my life. I know God asks us to serve him by serving others and I was feeling like I was letting him down in that area. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized I'm already involved in a ministry.

My ministry is to serve my husband and children.

Right now I can serve God by serving them the best way I can. All too soon they will be grown up and not need me anymore, so now is my time to pour in to them all I have to offer and raise them to love and serve the Lord.

Soon enough I will have the days to fullfill these other dreams I have, right now my passion are my girls!!

p.s. Remembering my kids are my ministry truly helps on days when I want to rip my hair out, I'm serving the Lord! : )

Friday, April 23, 2010


Having my dear friend have her baby yesterday made me reminisce about having mine.
Thinking about the days I held each of my babies for the first time. : )

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Got a fun text today!!

Just got the official email!! Natalie had a BOY. Liam James born today at 9:38 am. He is 7 pounds, 7 ounces and 20 inches and mommy and baby are doing great!

Nothing really to blog about today, cept I got a text from one of my dearest high school friends, Natalie, that she is in labor!!! My other dear high school friend, Brittney, and I are throwing a shower for her at the end of May. Miss Natalie decided to torture us and not find out what they are having, so I'm dying to know! We are throwing the shower after the baby arrives so she can get some gender specific items and figures I JUST put the invites in the mail yesterday saying to stay tuned for the baby's gender. Oh well! Guess we'll know sooner than we thought! : )

Here we are about a month ago.
Brittney, me, and Momma to Be!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wordless Wednesday (sort of)- Me at 5 months preggers X 3!!

I was terrible at remembering to take pics with my pregnancy with Brynn, I think this is one of four that I remembered to take! Not sure about the face I'm making. : )
And now Baby Girl #3!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Meet Giraffey.....

We'd like to introduce you to Giraffey.
Also known as Giraffey Giraffe.
Over the weekend I took the girls to Ikea to get out for the day. They had a lot of fun running around that massive store. : ) I think I have their future bedding picked out. I found this beautiful, bright, boldly colored bedding at Target. I got everything for $190 for two twin beds, including sheets, quilts, shams, and a decorative pillow for each bed! Bella has requested a pink room, so of course there is some pink but it has all the colors of the rainbow. I will certainly have to do a post just about their fun new bedding. Anyway Ikea was filled with things in the bold colors of their future room and at great prices. When we get closer to actually decorating their room, I shall be making another trip out to Ikea. : )
While we were there they had these adorable, soft, colorful stuffed animals for $3.99. I thought they would look great in their new room so I had them each pick one out. They also had cute mini versions for $.49, can't beat Ikea!
So Brynn picked out Giraffey here:

It was not until later that we discovered it is in fact a camel, not a giraffe. We've tried to change the name on her to Raffey, but Giraffey has stuck. : )
Bella picked out a hippo:

Bella has never been real creative with naming things. Her dolls and such are usually named Baby, Bella, or whatever kind of animal it is.
For some reason she came out with Sister Noodles House. I have no idea. But since, it's name is now Giraffey because of course in the end she wanted what her sister had. : )

So meet Giraffey the camel and Giraffey the hippo! : )

Monday, April 19, 2010

More on Little Bean....

I know I already posted this but I wanted to post it again with new pics of Little Bean!!
Thought I'd give a little more details about our fun appointment Friday. The whole family went to the ultrasound- our family of four and my parents who were in town!
Here we are watching our beautiful baby girl kick and squirm, excuse my lovely white belly. : )

Everything looked great with Little Bean! And we are SO thankful that she is healthy. She would NOT hold still the whole time. The technician at one point even asked me what I fed her this morning. Yikes!! Hope that's not a sign to come. : ) The technician pushed on my stomach once and we saw Little Bean take both arms and push right back, it was too cute. She's going to be one tough cookie! : )
I've officially gained 5 pounds now- all in the last 5 weeks, yikes! I finally filled my closet with (wonderful) borrowed maternity clothes. I can get away with most normal clothes with the fantastic invention of Bella Bands but I'm wearing more and more maternity too.
Little Bean looked great at first glance but they said I could receive a call after they've had more time to look things over, but no news is good news!
They all said my fluid will need to be observed again due to my history with Bella. Yay, more pictures of Little Bean! : )

I've been looking around at names and have a couple I like but the hubs is being harder to please this time.....
Any ideas ladies?!

Friday, April 16, 2010

And the big news is.......

This little one thought she was having a sister (named Cinderella) from the very beginning.....
This little one agreed with her big sister, so they both dressed in pink today......
(neither were in the mood for pics : ))
Daddy was sure it was another girl that would love and adore their very own prince charming...
...and I didn't have a clue!

But today we discovered we are having a perfectly healthy baby........


Following the appointment we had a last minute Gender Reveal Luncheon. I told everyone to wear the color of the gender they thought it would be, as you can see most people were correct! Once everyone arrived I brought out an It's a Girl sign for the table. Unfortunately, I remembered to take a pic once a couple people had already left. : (
So now our family of four looks forward to the arrival of another precious baby girl!!

Now help us think of some names! : )

Thursday, April 15, 2010


Lots on my mind today....

Worried about Bella, she hasn't been acting appropriately in speech. She has a terrible habit of following anything a friend is doing. That kind of personality can lead to bad things come junior high and high school. I know its early to worry about such things, but just wondering what I can do to try to curve the behavior. We talk a lot about only do what we know is right, even if we see a friend doing something they shouldn't.....

Finally got to see New Moon while the hubs was gone. Yes, I secretly love the Twilight series. Didn't read them, but love the movies. Don't care for the whole vampire thing but I'm a sucker for a great damsel in distress story line. And goodness knows Bella gets herself in to trouble, especially in this new one. I just love how much Edward and Bella love each other. I'm torn though, I like Jacob but not too sure how I feel about him infringing on E and B. : )

Hoping a sewing machine I got from a neighbor works. I'd love to learn a little.

Modern Family was funny last night and happy Glee is back! : )

Wondering why in the world Brynn has no interest in the potty. She came up to me today and said, "Mommy change me please." Really?! How about we just use the potty! Although on another note blankie faze out was a success!! She now only uses it at bed time. It was a hard couple of days, but not as bad as I thought. She was a little clingier, took a little longer to calm down if she got hurt, and asked for it LOTS, but she now drops it in her crib when I go get her without me even asking. I think the thing that worked was each day I made her drop it in the crib, as apposed to me doing it. I think it helped that she was the one that made the "choice" to give it up. It took coaxing at the beginning but now she just does it!

I wish I could take advantage of my girls sleeping so well, but momma ain't sleeping so well.

Nervous and excited for our big day tomorrow. I pray things are healthy with Little Bean. I pray that no matter girl or boy the Lord has amazing things in store for their life.

Looking forward to reading Bloom Bookclub's latest book with some friends and wondering why its taking so long to be delivered.

I'm SUPER excited to start thinking of names for little bean!

How is it possible I have this many things going on in my head?

Mom and Dad come in tonight for a quick weekend trip, can't wait!

Finally, transferred our summer clothes in to our closets and I'm wondering how in the world the girls are going to be able to share a closet!?

Speaking of warm weather, we're in the 80s today! So we broke out our suits and hit the sprinkler.

Gotta end with some fun pics right?!

Debating whether to go in or not....
Decided just to be cute and hang out by momma's side. : )
Brave big sister had no problem jumping in! : )

Looking pretty by our blooming flowers!
I love this little one and her crooked smile. : )

Always count on Bella to strike a good pose. : )
Trying to convince sissy to come in with her, not going to happen! : )

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