Monday, June 3, 2013

Random Catch Up, again. :)

Lots of happenings around here so just thought I'd catch things up on here.
So a couple weekends ago a friend posted on FB that she had extra passes to a hotel water park near by so I jumped at them!  This was the week the grandma was still here and V was still out of town so it was nice to get out of the house and do something different.  The girls had a blast.

 Dinner!  Our friends the Levins joined us too.

 And we hit the Ice Cream Parlor on the way out of course. :)

 The girlies were looking so cute for church the next day I had to get a pic. :)

 Bella is having a count down at school for the last day and each day they have to wear something different.  This particular day was wear red day and she wanted me to grab a pic of her.
 So I have been wanting to start a garden the last couple of summers but I have a BLACK thumb and am not really into gardening.  Just like the idea of growing our own fresh veggies.  So last weekend my wonderful hubby made up a little garden for us, its perfect!
The next morning the girls ran out and said they wanted to see the garden, ha!  Its going to be a long process my girls!
 During the gardening project the girls were obsessed with playing with all the worms they found. Ew.  Even my two MAJOR bug phobic girls (Brynn and Brooklyn) were into it!
 Beginning of last week we had another ultrasound to check on Blakely.  The girls were excited to see their baby sister.  All looking good!
 So picked up a painting book at Target the other day for Brooklyn and not sure if the pictures do it justice, but she was simply delighted with it!

 So sad this girl has no personality. ;)
 Mormor took Brynnie on her last school field trip to a nature museum.  Here are some cute pics.

 And again this girl, she is just too cute!!

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The Morrows said...

Love all the jewelry with their church dresses :)

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