Friday, June 7, 2013

Phone Dump.....

So a bit random but I've got some photos to share what's been going on around here.
At the end of May we had to say farewell to our awesome babysitter, Miss Allie, sniff!  The girls just loved their time with her and we loved her too!
 Had a nice warm day so we hit the spray park for the first time this season!  
This is one cool chick! :)
 Can I say what a treat it is to have a new helper for bed time reading!  
Big sis is reading Berenstain Bears to her little sissies.
 Well in preparation for baby sis we started the transition for our current baby!  We had really hoped to be in a new home before all this but it was not in God's plan for us.  So we're making our house work.  Eventually Brooklyn will be moving in with her big sissies but for now just a big girl bed in her current room. :)  She was just SO excited!

 Can you just see her delight!
(this is her new pose, every time I ask for a pic these days ;) )
 She's actually doing surprisingly well in it.  She was already sporadic with napping, actually falling asleep every other day if I was lucky.  And night time she has been down with no problem.  She puts up a fuss sometimes but that's not new with the bed. ;)  She does a great job waiting and calling for us in the morning instead of sneaking out.  The last couple days we have been having a diaper issue.  She has been potty trained for a couple months now but still on occasion will poop at nap time and now that she isn't always sleeping it is all too tempting.  The last two days she has taken upon herself to clean herself up.  I kid you not she was covered in poop and it was every where around the room!  There was probably 30 wipes in the trash can.  Agh.  Straight to bath she went.  Now monitor will be on at all times so I can hear what is happening up there when she doesn't sleep!!  Thankfully today she is snoozing away. :)

So last week, just a smidge over 3 weeks from my due date and we headed off to our local Amusement Park!
(Brookie again with her sweet pose)

Brooke was over the moon excited that she could go on most of the kid rides with out me (since I can't go with her preggers) and she is FEARLESS.  She wants to try every ride she can, which is quite different from big sissies.  Bella isn't quite as bad as Brynn but neither of them will try any sort of roller coaster.  I think Brookie will be our little dare devil!

And we headed back to Great America this Tuesday to celebrate a very special Birthday Girl's 5th bday, Ellie Bellie!!

So I usually grocery shop at night so I can go alone but lately evening rolls around and its the last thing I want to do.  The hubs has offered to go but I know it would take him forever since he's not familiar with where things are and I'd hate to do that to him.  Plus I have specific brands I like, etc.  So lately we go days with terrible options in the food department.  So I decided to give Peapod a try.  With its new customer specials it was pretty comparable to Jewel (our regular grocery store).  Its not quite as cheap as Walmart and price matching (where I usually go) but it was totally worth a little more to me so I didn't have to go anywhere and the groceries were literally brought to my kitchen table.  And I have free delivery for the next two months, woohoo! :)
So that's what has been happening in our exciting lives! :)

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