Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Our Little Brooke.....

So last Tuesday after our beach day I got the treat to watch this little cutie pie.
This is Reese.
Or Reesy as Brooklyn calls her.  And according to Brooklyn her new baby sister is Reese. ;)
 Brooklyn was GREAT with her, although couldn't understand why Reese didn't want to play Barbies with her.
 I'm praying praying praying Brooklyn loves her real new baby sister just as much!

 Literally EVERY TIME we hit Old Navy Brooklyn runs in saying, "My friend, my puppy!" And immediately embraces them.  Cracks me up. :)

 So little Miss has just about given up on napping (sniff).  Occasionally if she's up early or didn't get much sleep at night she'll sleep.  Well last Wednesday it had been a couple of days since she napped and we all sat down as a fam. and were watching the weather (a big storm was suppose to come through) around 5:30 when I noticed she had become awfully still....
 Oh I wanted to eat up every second of it.  Can't tell you the last time she slept in my arms.
 However, I couldn't let her sleep, otherwise bedtime would have been a nightmare and it was much too early to go down for the night.  I would move her and even walked up to the kitchen for dinner and she still didn't budge.  Precious!  Finally got her up for dinner though. 

Love this little Miss so much and she literally keeps us in stitches all day but we have also been having a REALLY hard time with her.  She does NOT listen.  It is SO hard.  We never had an issue with Bella and Brynn.  If we asked them to do something, stop something, don't go somewhere, etc. they did.  No questions asked.  I know that is very lucky with little ones and we should expect it to some degree but I also don't want to just let it go.  I found myself 9 months pregnant and chasing after at the beach last week.  I was mortified but when I tell her to come I expect her to come and she needs to learn that its not okay to ignore me when I ask her to do something, especially if her safety is in jeopardy.  However, I have very little energy to be dealing with this right now but I'm torn because I don't want to slip on discipline either.  The hubs and I are just both very exhausted with it right now.  Its such a slap in the face and disrespectful and literally every meal time turns into a fit of tears.  Sigh.  Really hoping we're just in a stage that will pass and we're handling the best we can.  I don't like the idea of people thinking we have this disrespectful daughter that doesn't listen, screams no at us, and throws tantrum after tantrum.  Although right now that is exactly what we have. :(  But Lord knows I am TRYING so hard to curb this and praying we see the fruit of our labor soon because right now nothing seems to be working.  Can you sense my frustration?  Thankfully she is also impossibly adorable, can be sweet as candy, a mommy's girl, and it quite hilarious so it definitely makes up for the hard times.  Just praying things go ok with transitioning in a new sister!!

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