Saturday, June 8, 2013

Last Day....

So Bella has been excited and counting down to the last day of school!!

First Day!!
 (Back when she let me put bows in, sniff!)
Last Day!!
However now that it is officially over, she is SO upset.  All she has done since getting home is watch the First Grade memories DVD, her teacher made, over and over and cry.  She says she misses Miss Possehl so much.  Ha.  Just goes to show how much she loved her teacher and her first grade experience.  I hope she always loves school and her teachers this much!

Yesterday, she spent a lot of the afternoon writing Miss Possehl a letter. :)
 About First Grade
To Miss Possehl
To the best first grade teacher ever!
 You're probably wondering why she's the best.  I'll tell you why.  She's lovely and loving.  She is a nice teacher.  This is why she is nice- she teaches us math, like adding and subtraction.  This is why she is lovely-
 -because she dresses nice.  This is why she is loving-because she helps us.  She helps us with social studies....
 ...and paper tests.  She takes us to the computer lab.  We do blogs and go to websites.  Websites are so fun.  And blogs too.  You are great who you are Miss Possehl.  You're my teacher.  I will miss you.  have a great...
 ...summer.  I will miss you. I will miss you, etc. :)
 About Miss Possehl:

 We went out for celebratory cake pops!
 But back to the DVD and tears.  
Oh this precious girl!!
Congrats to our official Second Grader!!

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