Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Preschool Graduation!!

Well our little Brynn Boo graduated preschool on May 22nd!!
Prepare for picture overload.  Unfortunately, between drop off and pick up my nice camera stopped working (which is a MAJOR issue with baby on the way!) so most of the pics are with my phone and I can't retrieve the ones I did take. :(  So excuse the quality and lack of editing.
Brynn has had a wonderful year and really blossomed in her small class of 10.  All 10 kids were super close and with Brynn's shy personality the smallness of the class really allowed her to shine.
(Brooke wanted in on the pics too with her glasses she wears a lot!)

Brynn's First Day of School

And last, sniff.

Her besties

That evening we let Brynn pick a place for dinner and she picked Potbelly's, yum.

We dropped Brynn off in her classroom and they got her all ready for graduation.

And we got our seats, somebody is a grandma's girl.

Our shy, reserved little girl was such a HAM for her graduation.  She was off the wall the whole program.  Waving, making faces, and completely OVER performing.  The whole crowd was laughing.  It was hilarious to see.  Even her teachers mentioned her outgoing behavior.  This girl really shines when the attention is all on her. :)

This shows just a glimpse into her behavior for the evening.

As we were walking out of the reception Brynn says concerned, "I'll never see Miss Denise again."  Never mind Brooke will be going here next year and she goes to our church.  She truly loved her teacher!! 
Wearing Brynn's favorite color!
OK I had to include these pics of BB with her boyfriend.  The hubs is in BIG trouble with this one. ;)

Are they not TOO CUTE!!
Again all 3 were such squirrels!!

Our first round of PLP graduates are now almost 2nd graders!!
Crazy girl off bouncing while sissies pose....
Love it!

Somebody else wanted to be a graduate. :)

So proud of our little Brynnalynn!!

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