Monday, June 17, 2013

Getting ready for Little Peanut!

So while the hubby was away on his trip Friday-Monday I decided it was finally time to prepare for Miss Blakely.  I had been putting it off in hopes we'd have a new home first but that's not in God's plan right now for us.  So I got to work!

Really the whole thing was quite comical.  9 months pregnant and I'm scrambling in and out of our crawl space- pulling out newborn clothes and putting things away to make room.  Probably not the brightest idea but I survived.  I put away some toys that Brooklyn has out grown but Blakely won't need for awhile.  The hubs' work through him a little surprise shower and gave him a gift card so I dragged the girls to Babies R Us to get a few essentials before peanut is here.

This is how it all began!
   I had fun putting together some sprinkle gifts.  I got this swing (in the center) and the seat part detaches as a bouncer, both of which we needed, perfect!
I reorganized our kids kitchen cabinet and brought out my pumping stuff and bottles.  And yes I picked up pink ones. ;)  Through out all of our kids whenever I've purchased something I've always stayed gender neutral just in case.  Well with this being our last, no more!  I'm finally going pink! ;)

 I set up the pack in play in our room- stocked with lotions, diapers, wipes, and pacifiers.
 Officially moved Brooklyn in with her big sisters and got the nursery ready for Blakely.
 One of my awesome sprinkle gifts!  So excited to try it out and that its PINK! :)
 Terrible cell phone pic but I finally got her ultrasound pic set up and got our baby mobile out.  I'll have to replace Brooklyn's baby pic after we get one of peanut.
 Borrowed a swing from a friend and I even raised the crib mattress all by myself and got the bumper set up.

 Since we have not an inch of space in any closet in our home I had to think of something different for Blakely's clothes.  So I picked up this shelving unit at Target and lots of bins!  So her clothes are all folded up and in those. :)
 And for fun here is Miss Blakely's birth day outfit and coming home outfit. :)
 Very excited to meet our little peanut and now we're all officially ready for her! :)

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