Wednesday, June 19, 2013

A Farewell and a trip to the Zoo....

So one of dearest friends are moving to LONDON!  I've mentioned the Lymans, Jake and Shari and their daughter Katie, many times on this blog.  Last year they were hoping for a placement with Jake's job overseas but unfortunately got placed in northern WI.  However, this year they got the call that they're going to London!!  While I am SO excited for them getting their dream to go overseas, I am equally sad that they'll be so far away.  Oh well, guess we have to plan a trip to Europe. ;)

So last Thursday we planned to meet up in WI with Shari to say farewell.  My favorite zoo just happens to be right inbetween both of us so that was what was decided as our activity.  We could not have gotten a more perfect day.  Obviously being 9 months pregnant and walking around a zoo in not ideal but the Racine zoo it right on Lake Michigan and it was 70 and sunny.  Perfect!

After the drive up we started right away with a picnic lunch.
First up was this great big lizard.  Brooklyn ate up every second, she just loved it.

The monkeys.
The best part of this zoo is all the animals are really close and there are a lot of interactive options.
Brooklyn thought it was so funny how this guy was sleeping and being on his roof.
Hard to tell but here was here's the sleeping lion, he's right next to that black line in the glass.
Wish I had audio for you but all the kids were "baaaing" really loud at the goats/rams
Penguins, that were not budging from the shade. :)
One of the best options to do is feed the giraffes.  Bella was really the only one of my girls brave enough to do it.  Brynn wouldn't try and I held Brooklyn's hand while pretty much feeding it myself. :)

Back to watch the penguins get their lunch
Another fun option is feeding the birds.  You get sticks with bird feed and they fly to the sticks to eat.  Unfortunately, they must have been full because they were not having it this day.  

We did finally coax this guy out and he got WELL fed by all. :)

Again Brooke loved it.
We tracked down another one eventually and Bella got to hold it.
Walking right by the kangaroos.
Enjoying the lake breeze!
Train ride!

Brooklyn was just so excited about every animal, it really was precious!

Tried to catch the whole group!
(Brooklyn was hiding in the stroller on the left)
All our crazy kids! :)
We all became really close after being in a small group for years, 
sad to have some moving away! :(
And a sign a good time was had by all, I literally pulled out of the parking lot, turned around, and saw this. :)
 We'll miss you SOOO much Lymans!!

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