Monday, June 24, 2013

Getting in last minute fun!!

Sorry its late and I want to get one last post before the big day tomorrow.  We've spent the last week or two filling it with fun summer activities I wanted to get in before Blakely arrives.

These were a couple more from Father's Day.  After I took the pic of the hubs and the girls Brooklyn insisted on taking one and here's what she took. :)
We also got daddy his very own Cold Stone ice cream cake, yum!
Hit a yummy restaurant on the lake with friends
Ended dinner with a dance party. :)
Our Bellsie finished up her soccer season

We finally had a hot enough day for Great America's water park.
Lets just say a lot of fun was had, didn't even make it out of the park....
And transferred right to the car seat.
Hit a children's concert of one of the girls' favorite singers, Jim Gill.  His concert did not disappoint!

Also enjoyed our little town's farmer's market....

And Tastee Freeze of course!

Hit our dear friends, the Levin's, pool!

Out to lunch with my girls.

Got registered at the library's reading program.  They had older students available to read to little ones.
Hit the spray park too with friends!
Got a quick dip in before this came in!
Got to our cars just in time.

Took Brooklyn to her first movie in a theater and saw Monsters University.
Hit one of our besties birthday pool party on Saturday.
Snow cones!
Diet coke and mentos experiment.

Last church visit with only 3 beauties in tow!

And enjoyed seeing dear friends get baptized.
The heat and weekend activities caught up with Bells during the baptism.
Looking precious, had to get sweet pics.

Mom came in Friday night and helped me get last minute projects done.  Erasing Brooklyn's name from the nursery. :(

Had a family movie night, Wreck it Ralph is still their fav right now!
So this morning (Monday the 24th) I heard Brooke calling to be wiped, went to the bathroom to find her, and that's not where she was. :)
Took the girls to get pampered before becoming big sisters!  They were all so excited about it. :)

Especially this one. :)
Bella actually chose a dark blue with sparkles, hard to tell in this pic.
Brynn wanted a pattern.

And Brooke said, "PINK!"

Celebratory lunch at Noodles.
And then we had a friend's bowling party this afternoon.

I seriously haven't had a moment to really think and let tomorrow sink in.  But now that I'm sitting here and thinking about it I'm definitely getting nervous.  The sad thing is I am most nervous about nursing.  I have had 3 month of torture with all 3 of the girls and just praying it goes better this time.  I'm also really nervous about Brooklyn.  Like I said she has been a handful lately so just praying all goes well with her transition and we can best handle her and her needs.   Feeling sad I won't enjoy pregnancy ever again but also feeling SO uncomfortable that I just want my body back.  And it is sad that I'm so looking forward to heading to the hospital to get a break from my 2 year old?  Okay there is a lot of good with the hard but definitely looking forward to a mini vaca (sort of).  Please keep my mom in your prayers too who is solo until Thursday with them!!

Not sure when I'll be back on but I'll definitely try to get a pic up of Miss Blakely as soon as I can!! :)

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