Sunday, May 31, 2009

Not Me Monday!

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.
It's Not Me Monday time! This fun blog idea was created by MckMama for all of us out there that need to come clean, or would like to, rather. We all have things out there that we can't believe we've done or we swore we'd never do, why not share it with the blog world, then visit MckMama's site to see what others are admitting to!

My children always use the best table manners.

My children never play on the floor of dirty malls

I always change my daughter promptly when needed.

I did not find my daughter chewing on a tack the other day!

I did not make my daughter sit through Phantom Tollbooth, a classic movie that my brothers and I enjoyed, often, when we were young younger. : )

The hubs and I did not have Bella pose for us in a child's clothing store window. We've been told we should get her in to modeling because she is so, well commandable, or something like that. So we thought we'd give it a try:
I did not learn this week that my husband keeps track of my cycle with a wonderful app. on his cell phone!

Okay now its your turn!  Be sure to check out the others on MckMama's site!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Sweet Baby Caden...

Hello friends!  Just wanted to pop in real quick and ask for your prayers.  This little guy is fighting for his life against a dangerous syndrome and coded twice today after surgery.  Would you join me in lifting him and his family up in prayer?

Friday, May 29, 2009

Tour of Kid's Rooms

Okay I'm back friends.  Thanks for having no choice and allowing me to take a mini blog vaca.  I have gotten a couple full nights of sleep in a row now and I'm on the road to sleep recovery.  And our wonderful pediatrician confirmed my suspicions and told me there is a molar bearing its way through my precious baby's gums!

So this fabulous blogger, Kelly, does this little tour of homes thing ever Friday.  Until now I have chosen not to participate.  Although this is totally NOT her intention, after seeing her gorgeous house and decorating style I have been a little too, um, disappointed to share my previous rooms with the blog world.  Well this week is children's rooms and nurseries.  And although I am still very leery about the condition of my girls' rooms compared to baby Harper's beautiful room, I decided I'm being silly and I should be proud of our, well let's say, budget conscious rooms.  Plus there are some things in their rooms I'm very proud of and would love to share with you, mainly the fantastic artistic ability of the hubs and my momma! : ) So here are our rooms:

First we'll start with the nursery, Brynn's room (my artistic hubs did not take the pics so they're not great, sorry!):
This is the view into her room from the hallway.  Funny I have two girls and neither of them has a pink painted room. : )  Sorry didn't open Brynn's black out shade.  Both girls have VERY dark rooms to insure better naps and not so early rises in the morning for mommy! : )

Here is her name on the door.  Little decor that I created with ribbon, glue, and small Pottery Barn Kids letters.

Once you walk in, immediately to the left is Brynn's dresser and rocking chair.  And yes that is a balloon from her first birthday 3 MONTHS AGO, that I just don't have the heart to throw out and is amazingly still floating.

Next to the rocker, where I spent many a nights nursing both of my precious babies is our beautiful book shelf.  Pottery Barn Kids had one JUST like this that I loved and wanted.  When I told the hubs this, I got my usual response, "I could make that."  And he did!!  And it came out wonderful. : )

Next we have the crib, which is looking a little shabby these days.  Not the crib itself just the decor.  My wonderful in-laws graciously blessed us with this beautiful sleigh bed from Babies R Us when were about to have Bella.  Some day, after many kids have slept in it, it will be converted to a bed.  My wonderful crafty momma made the bed skirt and canopy.  Unfortunately the canopy is usually thrust aside and should be taken down since little one is very intrigued by it these days.  I'm thinking of putting a fun verse or quote over the bed from Uppercase Living. Also seen in the picture is our wonderful, ancient, noisemaker that I have and will use religiously for all my children, set on white noise, thank you very much. ; )

Next is the other corner, directly across from the crib.  You see the beautiful bedding from Pottery Barn kids that I just loved, unfortunately the bumpers to not adorn the crib at this time.  Our lovely changing table with a non-matching distraction toy included, a must!

Another little easy project with ribbon, glue, and beautiful newborn pics of Brynn that the hubs took.

This fun stool, which can be found here, is one I LOVE.  Sits next to Brynnie's bed so her sister can get up and greet her.  Growing up the family I babysat for had these for their girls and I always thought I wanted those when I had kids (I love personalized things because I could rarely never find things with my name on it).  Well when I had Brynn this came in the mail from the family I babysat for!!  Isn't that crazy?  And I don't think I've ever told them and if I had it had been a LONG time ago. : )   

Just wanted to mention a couple of things here:  The hand and foot print frame can be found here (I had gotten one for Bella and had to have one for Brynn).  So CUTE!  Also the frame to the right I got from Target and had all her friends from her first birthday party "sign" it for her to always cherish.

These sweet frames I found at Babies R Us. 

And last but not least.  I am going to show, admit, my weakness to you all:  I LOVE baby clothes, just in case that is not apparent from the following picture.  I know its ridiculous.  I have no words.  But I also have very generous grandmas and friends that have helped feed my addiction.  I blame them. : )

K, on to Bella's room:
This is the view in to her room from the hallway:

This is immediately to the left when you walk in the door.  Here is the calendar that I use to do with my first graders.  Which I started with Bella but I have since discontinued, which would be obvious if you could see the February 16th date that is on it.  The pink bear on her shelf was one of the first baby gifts I received after finding out we were pregnant. : )  Here is Bella's hand and foot print frame, look at how tiny she was in her daddy's hands!  On the toy shelf (yes she had toys in her room, I have had many people shocked by this, but my Bella is an angel child when it comes to going to sleep and it has never been a problem) is the box of blow up letters I told you about in this post.

Sorry too much light coming in the windows.  Usually her blackout shade is pulled tightly closed as well but it drives my mother crazy so I thought I would appease her (Brynn's I can't because the sides are literally taped down, but hey she sleeps until 8:30!).  My wonderful mom made these beautiful curtains, wish you could see them better.  I feel like every girl needs a little table a chair set.  I found this Ballerina/Princess one at Big Lots and had to get it for Bella.  She keeps her puzzle collection here (she's up to 48 piece puzzles on her own!).  You can also see one of the photos the masterful Hubs took for Bella when she was 18 months old in a tutu.  These are some of our favorite photos and they go perfect with her princess ballerina themed room.

Here is the best part.  Bella's beautiful ballerina quilt from Target online, another one of the Hub's photos, the bed skirt my mom did to match the curtains, and the fabulous mural my mom did to match Bella's princess ballerina table!

Here's the last corner of the room.  Where Bella does all of her cooking. : )  Another one of the Hub's photos and a sweet picture of one of the first times Bella held Brynn. (wish I had take a closer shot of it but now Bella's asleep up there)

On the dresser, which was from the hub's old family farm that he restored, is a little box that contains precious little containers for baby's first tooth and first curl (which is full since I have trimmed Bella's hair (ONCE).  The ultrasound frame was from Babies R Us and the other was from a co-worker of my mother-in-law's, isn't that sweet?

Had to show Bella's name in the door too.

Here is a close up of my mom's beautiful art.

And then close ups of the Hub's beautiful art.  We put a finish on it in photoshop that makes it look like a water color painting, very cool.

And then, here again, evidence of my addiction.

And to end the tour, my wonderful momma, knew how much I loved Brynn's stool so graciously got Bella one to match for her 3rd bday!  She keeps it by her dresser so she can reach the light switch.

Thank you for touring my kids room.  Although not grand or fancy.  They're sweet and fit the girls just right! : ) 

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I lied....

Okay I lied. But I just had to pop in and quick post this. This is the hubs hard at work today:

(Actually, he is a very hard worker and rarely takes breaks during his work day. This was just after Bella had gotten up from her nap today, which is when kids are always the most precious and snuggliest, so he just had to take a work pause to get his snuggles in. : ) )

Be patient with me....

Well I have lots to post and no time to do it!!  The last several weeks of my life have been a whirlwind.  We went from Easter, to a trip to MN, to a girls weekend, to my mom coming for a visit/the hubs going out of town, and finally to the hub's parents in town for a week.  Not to mention, all that being two crazy parents that always love to go-go-go life with two precious, but oh so rambunctious, little ones brings!  So with that said, I'm pooped.  On top of that I have not had a complete night sleep in almost 2 weeks.  Brynn has been getting up lately at least once, crying and in need of a good snuggle before going back to sleep. (my only guess would be molars coming in?)  The couple of nights she did sleep through her sister happen to choose those nights to wake up and have to use the potty.  So, again I am pooped  I just need to take a couple of days to recoup and then I'll be back in full posting mode!  I know you will not know what to do find something much more important to do with your time while you anxiously await a new post! I'll mustar up the strength to do Wordless Wednesday post tomorrow for ya though, I know, you're welcome. : )

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Ho, Ho, Ho!

This is kind of a fun thing that, a blogger I follow, started. She'll give you a random folder (or month) and then a random numbered picture and then you have to go and post it and explain what's going on in the picture. Kind of fun way to reminisce and always fun to see what picture you come across. Good or bad see what photo you come across. Today's random numbers are:

16th picture folder
28th picture


August 2008 {my 16th picture folder}
28th picture

Here's what I came across:

So fun, all these old photos, I get to look back at and share with you! This is Bella Boo, right before her first Christmas. Little thing had (and well, still does) the biggest blue eyes. No teeth though. : ( Bella didn't get her first tooth until she was 15 months! Who knew she had at least 5 more month before her teeth would start showing up! : )

Ok now its your turn! Head over here and take a look!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Where does she get it?

I think I know where Bella gets it. So I'm not a big cleaner (and by that I mean my husband probably does a better job at cleaning than me, I know, yikes). I'm not a big cleaner but I love things organized and neat. So after watching Bella the other day I noticed that perhaps, just maybe, my personality might be wearing off on her.....

Making Momma proud!
Now, fashion sense, hopefully not from me. : )


Do you know how hard it is to take a picture of 6, cute, toddlers/preschoolers all together?


HARD! : )
(but fun and so worth it)

These are our girls with their (and our) closest friends-(the one where they're in a row it is: Brynn, Ellison (or Ellie Bellie as Bella calls her), Avielle, Bella, Mackenzie, and Anderson.  The hubs and I feel so blessed that the girls have so many great friends (many not pictured of course) to spend their (and, again, ours) days with!

Wordless Not So Wordless Wednesday

So one of the reasons I started this blog was to spread the word for others that need your prayers out there! Well today is a very big day for two very special babies.

First of all today is a big day for April Rose. April's mommy started her blog about 2 months ago or so. I encourage you to go over to her blog and meet her and April, a little one whose life is already a miracle and she's not even here yet. Just click on the button below. Also today is April's mommy's due date, which she has reached against all odds so we, along with many others, are wearing pink in honor of this great celebration. If you know Bella you know this was not very hard to pull off. However trying to get a nice picture of the two of them was. Sorry its blurry!

Also Baby Bentley is having heart surgery today, so if you could lift her up in your prayers today I know she and her family would love it! Click on the button below to meet Bentley!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Our Princess....

Isn't she the prettiest princess you've ever seen?!

The other day Bella was dressed up in some of her princess accessories and someone asked her if she was a princess.  "Yup!"  She said with such pride, then she continued and told the nice enquiring lady "and Daddy my prince!"

Oh Lord, please let is always be that way, well, until she's at least 21, K!?

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Not Me Monday!

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.
It's Not Me Monday time! This fun blog idea was created by MckMama for all of us out there that need to come clean, or would like to, rather. We all have things out there that we can't believe we've done or we swore we'd never do, why not share it with the blog world, then visit 
MckMama's site to see what others are admitting to!

Bella did NOT get hurt this last week by a pacifier because she is 3 and a quarter and has never taken a passie, so why on earth would she have one in her mouth to fall on and get a big, swollen blister under her nose?
(looked much worse the night before)

I usually shower when everyone else is finishing up breakfast so I did NOT end up just bringing them both in with me when they were not satisfied with the cartoons on and Brynnie was upset.  Nope not me, I enjoy peaceful, relaxing showers, alone.

I also did NOT fill Bella's cereal bowl this week with water when we ran out of milk and I hadn't had a chance to get more yet.

Our bathroom garbage is totally NOT almost as high as our vanity because neither the hubs nor I feel like doing anything about it.

And I can NOT tell you how many times I have NOT sprayed my laundry with Windex instead of Oxyclean since both blue bottles are sitting on top of my dryer.

And I am NOT excited to have Bella and Brynn's Mormor and Poppi Domier coming in this week for a visit!

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