Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Why I'm crazy....well, a part of it. : )

So the hubs thinks I'm totally crazy.  Last night I got us all dressed up in orange and made him take a family picture of us.  (if you're following Stellan's story, you were suppose to wear orange today to remember to be praying for him)  The hubs has asked me multiple times why I'm so crazy about this little baby and family I don't even know.  So today I decided to take some real time and truly think about that question.  Here's what I came up with:

* First and foremost I would have to say her relationship with the Lord has inspired me.  MckMama (as well as Angie) in so many ways has helped me be a better mom, wife, and daughter of God and I would hope this has trickled down to all aspects of my life.  Her honesty, her humility, her passion, her transparency, her humor and all the things she has shared that she has discovered in her walk have touched my life and challenged me to learn and put in to practice in my daily walk.

* Since the hubs took up photography a little over a year ago I have really taken an interest in it too.  So after discovering MckMama's site it is clear that she has a gift.  MckMama is a remarkable photographer and one of my favorite things to do each day is to check in and see her latest photos.

* I love kids and she's got 4 adorable ones that I love to see pics of and hear what they've been up to!

* As a newish (not sure I can say that anymore with a 3 year old) mom I always love a silly kid story or learning from other mommies, and she's always good for both of those things.

* After probably 6 months (in fact I've "known" Stellan before he was even born, which is probably another reason I feel such a connection to him) of reading her blog I've gotten to know her and her kids (credit to her willingness to be open and honest with the world) and even though they're a couple states away I feel like I've gotten to know them, fallen in love with them, and care deeply about what happens to them.

So there you have it, that's is why I'm crazy for Stellan.  I hope through my blog (and then on to hers) you too will become crazy for Stellan and be on your knees for him during these hard days, weeks, etc....

So here we are again, still praying!

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Holly said...

I think it's awesome how many people have got on board with this! Sadly I don't think I own anything orange! :(

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