Saturday, April 25, 2009

Not exciting, but wonderful....

So I wasn't planning on posting while on vaca in MN but here I sit, posting, while the girls are asleep, the hubs is watching some playoff game and my dad does their daily exercises with my grandparents. We decided to come up to MN because my grandma had been in the hospital and my dad is in town from Colorado to help them out. Since you never know what precious time you have left with love ones we thought is was important for the girls to spend time with their great grandparents. It has been a year since they've seen Bella and they've only seen Brynn once and she was 3 months old.
I have to say this vaca has not been exciting but it has been wonderful. Our time has mostly been spent sitting, in a sauna very warm (these Floridians will never get use to MN, although I have to say it was about 80 degrees here!) home, while watching my two babies play around us. It has been my complete joy to watch my grandparents eyes come alive while watching what energy a three year old and one year old truly behold. Grandma uses a walker these days to get around and Bella enjoys holding on to it and "assisting" her to different location around the house. The girls have also enjoyed hopping up on Grandma's lap for a good story or snuggle. Grandpa is very hard of hearing these days. I've enjoyed watching him sort of in his own world in his comfy recliner as he spends most of his day in The Word. I envision him spending most of his day talking and listening to God. Every so often he would chime in and say, "Look Vonnie" or "Unbelievable," as he watches his great granddaughters playing or reach out with a tickle for Bella or a pat for Brynn .
We did get out today and went to Mall of America. Whoowee, it was crowded! Fun though. The girls enjoyed watching all the goings on. Other than that our time was spent playing hide and seek and doing exercises with the grandparents. I love spending time with my grandparents. Just the knowledge, perspective, and wisdom they have is awe inspiring. I hope Bella and Brynn will look back on these pictures and know that they were in the presence of two amazingly, Godly people that helped shape our family! More pics to come later!

Neil and Yvonne Glass with Bella

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Sharon said...

Your trip sounds very exciting to me...I love visiting with family! Thanks for posting a few of your pics! They are beautiful and really show how much your grandparents are enjoying the girls!

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