Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Our Trip to MN...

So our trip to MN.  We went up to the far north to visit my grandparents, and my dad who was there, from CO,  helping them out.  I was so excited for them to see the girls (it had been a year).  My grandma has been especially sick so I think the visit was just what she needed to put an extra spring in her, careful, steps! : )  Here are some pics from our trip (oh my goodness, it was turning into the longest post ever -actually its still pretty long- so I had to cut back and only post some of my favorites : (  )

Here is the $7 flat bread sandwich the hubs got at Dunkin Donuts as we began our adventure on northward. (And no your eyes are not deceiving you.  We were complaining how expensive the flat bread sandwich was and opened the bag up to see we received a $7 muffin!)

Here are the girls, still in their jammies, and ready for a nice long drive!

And here are the hubs and I bracing for a long trip. : )

We made a stop in Madison, WI because the hubs was still working as we traveled and had a meeting there.  The girls and I enjoyed some hot cocoa and veggie bootie with the locals as well as some walking around downtown, while finding little bits of life as spring begins to show itself.

After daddy's 45 minute, that turned in to an hour and half, meeting we grabbed a bite to eat in the car and a little while after that we had two sleeping beauties!
After a short snooze (unfortunately my girls lack the ability to nap more than 45 minutes in the car) we made a quick gas stop and got a quick stretch and run around time in.
And then we drove on!  There were times when we had to be very quiet while the hubs was on business calls.  At one point he had the hands-free speaker in his mouth to muffle the sound of road and talking kiddos in the back.  
Soon enough the MN border was in sight!
Soon we arrived at our destination!
As we unloaded the car we got the wonderful surprise of Brynn being covered in poop!  Up to her arm pits!  Well after a quick bath and unloading of the car our trip could finally begin.
The following are just SOME (so hard to choose) of my favorite shots from our visit with Papa, GG, and Poppi!
Unfortunately Brynn had a fall right in to a table leg.  Can't really see it but she had a line all the way down the front of her face and this massive welt on her forehead. : (

Each day my dad would do exercises with my grandparents and Bella loved to join in too!

One afternoon we did enjoy a trip to Mall of America, where Bella enjoyed a couple of rides.
The rest are just special moments that we captured!

Thanks for the visit Papa, Poppi, and GG, we'll miss you!
Bella and her Papa Bear (her affectionate nickname :) )

Phew!  Hope I didn't bore you with pictures too badly!


Tim said...

Hey there! Great pics! Love your blog, you have such a beautiful family. I hope you dont mind if I follow along.

Please feel free to visit us anytime at Fort Thompson, you are welcome anytime.

Love and Prayers,


Anonymous said...

Beautiful pics, hon! Thanks to all of you for making it such a wonderful weekend.



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