Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A Two-Wheeling Pro!!

So when my mom was here at the end of May we thought it would be fun to try to get Bella to start practicing her bike....
(her and Brynn both got one for their birthdays from the Usual Suspects. Bella's is a little too big so she's using Brynn's bike and Brynn is using Bella's old one.)

We were wrong, it was NOT fun. She was absolutely terrified. She had sat on the big one in the house and the hubs was playing around and she fell off it and ever since then, she has been so afraid of the bike. Finally after A LOT of persisting we got her to ride Brynn's new one with training wheels. It rocks a bit so this made her nervous.

Anyway my mom and I tried, I took the training wheels off her old bike cause its really little and close to the ground so she can easily just stand, but she wasn't having it. We got her to go a little but she was still very unsure and shaky.

So a little after the hubs returned from his trip, on June 2 to be specific, he worked with her for a bit and she got it!

Here's the proof (please excuse my obnoxiously loud cheering):
She asks to practice all the time. This may have something to do with the hubs telling her he'd take her to Disneyland once she could. Hey we were desperate and she wouldn't even get on the bike at first! So she had gotten pretty good but still needed one of us to get her going. Then one day (June 12) I went to help her and she said, "No mom don't help me."
Well then.
It may have to do with her neighbor friends biking around on their two wheelers with out assistance. She wanted to be big like them. :)
Sniff, she's growing up!
So I said ok and didn't help. She tried and tried and never gave up and then she just did it!
And now she's a pro!
Shortly after she got good on her own we convinced her to move up to Brynn's new bigger bike and she did that too!
And now she's a bike riding fool. She could do it all day. Yesterday I put the babies in our bike trailer and Bella and I rode around our neighborhood 3 times! So proud of her. :)
Here she is on the bigger bike:

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