Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Man you would think now that school is out I'd have more time for blogging, but we've been crazy busy around here!
I wanted to make sure I blogged about my baby while the stats were fresh in my mind!
Last Monday Brooklyn turned 9 months.
She was 16 pounds and 26 inches at her appointment yesterday. Both are 10th percentile. She's has always been short but her weight dropped from 50th percentile. Dr. T wasn't too concerned though, said its probably because she's more mobile now.
The last two weeks this little one has been a mess and totally not herself. She has been waking at night occasionally and is down right grumpy at times-this may not seem bad, but when your baby is normally a sweet, content little one bad days are much more noticeable. So we are in the droves of teething. Her shirt has been drenched by morning nap time everyday and now she has a snotty nose (although this may be a cold???) Her big sisters were never bothered by teething so this is new territory for us. She has two little ones on the bottom already popping out, so all we can say is COME ON TEETH. :)
She is eating all table food now these days, although I still occasionally give her blended veggies since its just easier when we're on the go. So far she has liked anything I put in front of her. She's a little leery of touching fruit cause of the texture but if you feed her some then she takes over. She's sleeping through the night, when her teeth aren't bothering her, and still taking two naps. She is technically "crawling," but she has a crazy way of crawling. I'll have to get video. She'll get up on her knees and rock but then just lunges forward and either army crawls or flops side to side while lunging forward. :)
She's jabbering like crazy these days- dada, baba, I got mama once in a whine but I'll take it! :) If you ask her to do her dance (and she feels like it) she bobs her head back and forth. So cute! I'll also try to get video of that. She waves (again when she feels like it :) ). Bella can still get her to laugh like no body else!
So is itching SO bad to join in her sisters antics. The minute you hold her she's itching to get going. Not much snuggling these days. :(
To go to sleep though she buries her face in her blankie, sucks her paci, and snuggles up!
And when her teeth aren't bugging her she's my happy go lucky baby!!
Happy 9 Month's Baby girl!

thinking about going.....:)

My sweet baby blues!

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