Friday, June 17, 2011

Special Dates....

K back to catching up! Back to end of May.....
Every year we go to a Cub's game with one of our besties, the Chevriers, from the usual suspects. Our college has an alumni event every year that's dinner and a Cub's game, so we make sure to join in the fun every year! This year the hubby couldn't go because of work so I thought it would be fun to bring one of the girls. To make things fair I said I would take one of them to a movie and one of them to the Cub's game.
Bella chose the movie, we went and saw Rio (so cute!) with a couple of her besties.
Sorry cell phone pics. :)

So we've been going to Cub's game with the Chevriers for the last 6 years at least.
2006 Bella joined us.
Couldn't find a pic from 2007
2008 Brynn joined us
2009 kid free!
2010 kid free but 7 months preggers!
Well we got a sunny day but it was FREEZING!
They were giving away free ice cream which was just crazy, hence my crazy face.
However Brynn and Ryan happily ate this free ice cream.
Somer and I stuck to Hot Chocolate that was graciously being sold, along with cold beer. :)
Thanks Somer for the pics!
One thing that struck me about the evening was, first how sweet and well behaved Brynn was. But also that she did not stop smiling the WHOLE evening. She never complained about how cold she was and just seemed to have a great time. I don't really get one on one time with her, after this outing I realized I needed to do it more often, she loved it and I did too!

Crazy girl loving her ice cream.

So fun to have a special night with my middle baby!
First thing she told her big sis when she got home into her ear in a whisper-
"I got to sit on Uncle Ryan's lap and have dinner." Ha! Loves her Uncle Ryan. :)

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