Friday, December 11, 2009

Tis the season.....

I love, love, love the Christmas season, always have. My love has only grown since having children. Somehow the holiday season through their eyes makes it all the more merrier! Well the first week in November (I told you I'm behind in posting!) the hubs was away on business (this was when my lovely 3 year old informed her speech teacher that he had moved out), and although the hubs enjoys the holiday season, he DOES NOT enjoy decorating for the holiday season. Every year is usually spent with me hassling him to get our decorations out and him complaining and then me in tears that he doesn't enjoy it with me (call me a bit emotional). Well I thought, how nice would it be if I spare him the mess of having to lug the stuff out, clean, put up, put containers back, etc. (I know wife of the year ; ) ). So the girls and I did it all while he was away. Well I should clarify, all the decorations but the outdoor ones, those we leave to daddy. The hubs actually put them up the weekend before he left because it was 70 degrees and we wanted to take advantage of warm weather. Nothing like making the season last longer! Anywhoo, it was SO much fun decorating with the girlies. They were so excited about it all. Brynn loved seeing all the different things we had and Bella actually even remembered where some of the things went.

That evening when the hubs returned from his trip we decorated the tree together. Growing up, my family and the hubs' family would get us an ornament every year (which they gave us once we were married). Once we were married we got each other one every year. We also got the girls one every year, as well as grandma. So needless to say we have a lot of ornaments!! Every year Mormor Domier also gets us the moving/musical Hallmark collectible ornament. The girls love these ornaments. They have spent every day since turning them on a least twice a day. So we have a very full, bright, noisy tree! Here are some pics of our fun!

Is this how a stocking goes mom?
Our abundance of ornaments. My personal favorites: mine from my very first years and s'more ornaments!

Apparently it wasn't turning on the way she wanted. : )
Here's a couple of the Hallmark ornaments, all the parts move and they play music.

My very first ornament ever. Given to me while we were living in Vienna. I love it! Small, wooden, perfect (well almost, she's missing her drumsticks :) ).


Kelly said...

I love Christmastime too! Such a fun time of year. Bella and Brynn have such cute personalities! Loved the pictures of you helping them decorate the tree :)

HeatherOz said...

Looks like so much fun! Christmas is so much better with kiddos! I love your new header and all the new family photos!!

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