Thursday, December 10, 2009

And then it came in an end..... (Christgiving-Part 3)

For the weekend it cooled down (high 60s, I know rough.) so we did some indoor things. We headed up to this FANCY mall, that had the most beautiful Christmas decorations ever and fun things for the kiddos.

Can you tell it was fancy with shops like this?
They had a beautiful village set up with a train the kids loved watching.
With little houses with elaborate, moving set ups inside.
And of course a reindeer merry-go-round that they could wave to Santa from. And to our amazement it only cost $1! Even our outlet mall by us charges $2 for their merry-go-round.

Next we moved on to ride the train (also only $1) which they got ride to themselves, well and a giant bear! And concluded our time there with a yummy lunch at Ruby's Diner.
One of the girls favorite Christmas gifts. It was a princess book that came with this mat and all the princesses in miniature figurines.
One morning Mormor made her famous, delicious Swedish pancakes and even made Bella's morning by serving PINK hot coco.

We took some time one afternoon to snap some family pics. Very interesting with two little ones and just using a timer on the camera!
The last full day we were there the temperature was back almost to 80 so we hit the beach one last time.

Bella was a good sport and put on a wet suit 3x too big for her and went in the freezing cold water with her daddy.

Afterward the girls were famished and downed a banana and 4 tangerines with in minutes!
Beach fits them, huh?!

Thanks Mormor, Poppi, Uncle Nate, Auntie Jenny, and Austin for a wonderful trip and fabulous Christgiving!


I am Lee-Ann... said...

Beautiful family shot! Looks like everyone had a wonderful time.

Kelly said...

I love your new background, header, sidebar pics, and snow!!!! So amazing! I would love to know how you do your headers!

That mall is awesome! I can't imagine such a fancy mall. And how cool that the rides were only $1! It looks like ya'll had a wonderful time!

somer said...

Absoluetly adorable pics. I love the snow in the pictures, especially since you are in CA!

Kate said...

I am in love with those pics! I am obsessed with argyle, gotta closet to prove it, so I love your sweater!

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