Monday, December 7, 2009

Christgiving- Part two!!

On Thanksgiving Eve we had our Christmas Eve with the fam. In the Hub's family they open their gifts on Christmas Eve and stockings Christmas morning.
The family's tradition is to read the Christmas story and pray before opening commences. Cousin Austin did a great job reading to us this year!
The hubs lit the tree in true Swedish fashion (yikes!! Especially with two little ones around, but oh so pretty!).
The girls were just beside themselves excited, and particularly loved the princess wrapping Mormor had wrapped them in. : )
Can you see her excitement!? We take turns opening a gift and she would ask me every two seconds, "Whose turn mommy, whose turn?!" And then she's run to that person and watches in awe as they open their present!
Brynnie insisted on having every present on immediately. : ) Here she is putting on her new glass slippers.
Bella anxiously watching Uncle Nate open one of his gifts.
At first Brynn wasn't sure of her Uncle Nate because their first meeting involved an excited puppy that kind of freaked her out, oh but she quickly fell in love and then he soon became a favorite snuggle before bed time.
Stockings Thanksgiving morning.
Brynnie also took to her Cousin Austin. :)
Next day, another chance to hit the pool!!

Tomorrow, I'll finally wrap things up!! I've got so much that I'm working on right now- baby announcements (which I still have one baby to show off), our family Christmas card, and not to mention running a household with two little ones! So trying to keep up with things! : )


HeatherOz said...

Oh, christmas is so exciting with little ones. I love it!

Just wanted to make sure you got my email about the blog snow! I got it here:

Kate said...

How much fun! Wow, real candles, that would make me freak out! But I am sure it was really pretty! Loved the pics!

I am Lee-Ann... said...

How cool with the candles on the tree but I'd totally freak out too! Beautiful pictures!

Kelly said...

What neat family traditions! I love the girls expressions in the precious!

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