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The BIG party!!

And now for the big party!!!
Warning!  This is a big post. :)

The girls party was Saturday, March 3rd.
And armed with Google and Pinterest I had a million great ideas at my disposal! :)
All props must go to them!
I got most of my great ideas at this site and this site but also have other fun ideas pinned on Pinterest on the board marked Bella and Brynn's Birthday- you can find my boards under Barclay Domier I guess???  Man, I wish I could have done all the ideas I saw. :)

With the hubs' parents in town and my mom in Thursday afternoon all hands were on deck to get to work on party prep!
This year the girls requested a Rapunzel party at our church. :)
We've used one of our church's rooms the last two years and the girls just love it.

My mom and I literally spent the rest of Thursday and ALL of Friday getting everything ready.

One of the funniest prep projects was a giant, yarn, Rapunzel braid.  We literally had it going around our living room, through our kitchen, down through our family room and into the bathroom.  Next my mom, MIL and I each took a strand and started to braid.  Only thing is, while you start braiding, it immediately does a braid in the opposite direction behind you, agh!  Would have been great to go outside so we could have all the room we needed to just each have a strand and just start stepping over and braiding normally but it was raining. :(  So I stood at the front braiding, while my MIL undid the opposite braid behind me, and my mom stood in the middle untangling.  It was quite the production!  It literally took Brooklyn's full 2.5 hr nap. :)

My mom spent most of Friday making this beautiful creation:
 We went back and forth about doing cupcakes or maybe a braid cake because this seemed so daunting, but man I am happy mom stepped up to the challenge, and it turned out amazing!!
And it was all edible materials except the white part Rapunzel was in (it was a small tupperware with a hole cut in it-well and the figurines of course were not edible).  The roof was made of sticks of strawberry gum.  The tower part is Rice Krispies covered in fondont-the flowers are fondont too.  The rest is frosting and either strawberry or confetti cake!

 On the tables was our lovely braid decorated with flowers, Tangled coloring sheets I printed off the computer, and frying pans (of course) full of crayons. 
 My mom made these wonderful pictures and we printed them off on large address labels as names tags for the kids.  With 32 kids coming it is a must to break them up in to smaller groups to maintain some kind of order. :)  Each picture was a different group: we had blonde Rapunzel, Maximus, Pasqual, Flynn and a brunette Rapunzel.
For goody bags, unfortunately, I couldn't be as creative as I wanted.  When you have 32 attendees it just becomes way too expensive.  Luckily Walmart has these lovely party themed goody bag packs, and of course had Tangled themed ones (got Phineas and Ferb for the boys).  So not what I would do if I had all the $ in the world but it worked and of course they were filled with things the kids loved. :)
There are the cutest goody bag ideas on one of the websites I listed above.

 Entrance into our party room:
 We had the purple sun banners hung every where.  We were going to string them across the room and just ran out of time so we just hung them all around the room.  Also wanted to do the lantern idea but again just couldn't fit it in.
These are the tables with the crayons and coloring sheets.

 We had five different activities for the 5 groups to rotate through.
We had to create activities that took about the same amount of time (5-7 minutes) to do and could be done with a variety of different aged kids (2 to 6yrs).
 Here are most of the party goers, listening very well while I explained our five fun stations. 
 Birthday girls 
(and sweet baby Katie, who is not such a baby anymore but the girls still call her that :) )

In room number 1 we had a table full of different sprinkles and sun shaped (like the sun in the movie) cookies with a heaping spoonful of yellow frosting!
(don't mind the tvs they're there for the kids Sunday school classes)
Some had a little bit more sprinkles then they did frosting it looks like! :)

 Room number 2 I played pictionary with the groups using Rapunzel's long yellow hair (a piece of yellow yarn).  We took the "hair" and turned it into pictures (fish, shapes, crown, house, etc.) and the rest of the group had to guess what it was.  They were very creative!

Room number 3 we made a cute Pasqual project using adhesive foam sheets, party blowers (got packs of 8 at the $1 store, just tear off the decorative paper), and wiggly eyes.

 Room number 4, since Rapunzel loved painting, we had to paint too!

 And room number 5 we had pin the frying pan on Flynn, we all know how much Rapunzel loved to hit Flynn with the frying pan! :)
My mom drew the Flynn wanted poster and we cut frying pans out of the same adhesive foam paper that we used for the Pasqual project, so they were already sticky!
I had the idea of creating a tower to take pictures of the party goers to send with in the thank you notes.
We duct taped two tri-fold construction boards, one on top of the other, and then my mom painted it to look like stone.  Each party guest wore our Rapunzel hair or stood at the bottom of the tower with a satchel and Rapunzel crown- gotta do Flynn for the boys! :)

After the stations we played the Mother Gothel game.
You pick one person to be Mother Gothel (we let Bella do it once and Brynn do it once).  Mother Gothel closes her eyes and every body else scatters and chooses one of 4 places to "hide."  I had four people holding signs with one of the following places: Rapunzel's tower, the lake, the Snugly Duckling, and the Kingdom.  So the party goers chose one of the above 4 places to hide.  When everyone was in their spot, Mother Gothel would pick one of the 4 places to "look" for everyone.  Everyone in the location, that she chose to "look," is out.  Then Mother Gothel closes her eyes again and everyone either stays where they are or picks another location.  Then Mothel Gothel picks a place to "look" for them again and so on and so on until there is one person left, and they're the winner!
 Our first precious little Mother Gothel, waiting for the go ahead.

Out but having fun watching the game!

 Somebody kept wanting to peek. :)

And a rare picture of this little one, blurry of course because I don't think she stopped moving the whole party.  Thank goodness for Mormor Domier who kept watch over her!

After the Mother Gothel game we showed a slide show I made of the girls of pictures through out the last year.

We then of course had to sing to the two beautiful birthday girls!!

Happy 6th birthday Isabella Kathryn!!
Happy 4th birthday Bryanna Karina!!

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