Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Week two of celebrating.....

  And after the party we still had a week with my family to celebrate!! 

Following the party these two were more than ready to open their presents. :)        

They LOVED ALL of their presents but the biggest hit by far were Legos- there is a new line just for girls that they got several things for.  They have always enjoyed building with their big blocks but these were their first Legos.  They both took to it right away and are great at seeing the directions and figuring the steps, Brynn especially.
Other big hits were:
My Little Pony things
Strawberry Shortcake figurines
Lalaloopsy figurines and house
Rapunzel jewelry boxes
and their very own guitar and drum set! :)
But like I said, they LOVED every thing.

They also spent some of the rest of party day soaking in what was most likely the last bit of snow for the winter!
Poppi Domier and Mormor Glass were enjoying the fun from inside. :)

Even Cookie got in on the fun.

She loved it, despite her face in this pic. :)

Even Poppi Glass and Mormor Domier got in on the fun!

And then back to more Lego building. :)

Mormor Glass went in as a Mystery Reader for Brynn's class.  She again knew right away but wouldn't say. :)

I was very thankful my parents stuck around because they were here to help celebrate my birthday on March 7th!!  They took me to a delicious breakfast at Wildberry's that morning.
And then watched the girls that night so the hubster could take me for my favorite dinner (Toasted Ravioli from Olive Garden)...
....and to the play Legally Blonde- So cute!!

We were also thankful to have Mormor and Poppi stick around because Brynn actually got to bring her Mormor and Poppi to Grandparents day at school!

Late Thursday night Uncle Conor and Aunt Bonnie added to our many visitors these last two weeks and came in for a visit!
That next Friday it was time to say goodbye to the grandparents. :(  We spent the morning at Woodfield Shopping Mall.  I had a Groupon for $7 for studio pictures with LIVE bunnies for Easter cards.  I thought it would be fun for Easter.  I brought everybody with to help. ;)
They weren't great.  However they were only $7.  A certain 1 year old that shall remain nameless would NOT sit still for anything and Brynn was terrified if the bunnies moved at all.  
Ha.  Made for interesting pictures.  I wish I could show you them.  Here is the one we chose (taken with my phone), its cute, not the best, but cute:

This is the one they put on the referral cards.  As you can see Brooklyn is about 3 seconds from fleeing.   :)

We ended the day with some ice cream treats!

Sadly said goodbye to Mormor and Poppi, but were thankful to have the rest of the weekend with Uncle Conor and Aunt Bonnie. :)

Thanks everyone for making our month of birthdays SO very special!!!

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