Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Spring Break Time!

Last week of March we got to enjoy Spring Break!
I was looking forward to it for two reasons:
One just having my girls home all day! 
I know there were days before they started school that I couldn't WAIT for them to be in school, just to get myself a little break.  But the saying is true, absence makes the heart grow fonder.  I definitely miss them while they're away at school.  So I was excited to have them all home with me. :)
And secondly, I LOVE my sleep. :)  I didn't get my butt out of bed before 8AM all week!

So we kept ourselves busy all week, doing at least one fun thing each day.

Kicked things off with a birthday party for Bella's bestie from school, Kaitlyn.

Some friends and I got these Groupons for an indoor play place for $6 for all the kids.  They expired this week so we thought it would be a fun spring break activity.  Monday was really chilly so we chose to go check the place out.  It wasn't exactly what we pictured, but the kids loved it.  It was a swing set show room and they had 8-10 massive swing sets set up for the kids to play on.  So not what we thought, but still fun!

Our MOPS table had a get together.  Our table leader, Somer, put together a wonderful morning and lunch for our group.  She made a delicious lunch for everyone to enjoy.  And afterwards the kids had an Easter egg hunt.  They sure found their eggs quick and then enjoyed some yummy cookies!
Some of the kiddos from our table:
 Listening to the rules and anxious to be released. :)

 Yummy cookies!

Somer and I took the kiddos bowling!  It was their first time and we of course used bumpers.  We had the whole place to ourselves most of our game.  They sure had a blast!
 Great form. :)

 Final scores!  Ran out of time before we could get to the 10th frame.

 Afterwards we hit the park for lunch. :)

We hit the indoor playground again (bought two Groupons) but this time with the girls' friends Mara and Ella.  Again a good time!

A local skating rink was having Learn to Skate class each day during spring break.  So Friday we joined the Kissinger clan and the big kids each tried out the 45 minute class.  Nolan and Bella did SO good being their first time.  Miss Bells fell A LOT but by the end of the class was doing a ton better already!
 Go giraffe group!

 Middle sweeties cheering on their big sister/brother.
 And the babies keeping us mommies busy with chasing them everywhere! :)

 Fun time!  Watching the zamboni run after class.

That morning while the hubs graciously changed the brakes on BOTH of our cars, we partook in another Easter egg hunt with our local park district, along with Chevriers and Burns families.  And then that evening, due to a last minute trip to Egypt with a layover in Chicago, we had the special treat of seeing Mormor and Poppi Glass!

 Showing off their loot!
 Only way to get the littles in the pic, with their backs to us!  (Bella is hiding in the back)

Happy Spring Break everyone!

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