Thursday, April 12, 2012

Easter Festivities!!

So I feel like my girls participated in a million egg hunts this year. :)
I won't bore you with all the pictures of egg finding, just my favs. :)

We did an egg hunt with our MOPS table- which pics are here.
They did an egg hunt with our city- pics also in the same post as above.
The girls did an egg hunt with our preschool.
And we did another one with our small group.
They never tired of it though, they still like to pull out their baskets and hide eggs around the house!

Good Friday we attended services and then had a nice dinner with the Chevriers and our old small group/neighbors that have moved away.  It was great to spend time with them.

Saturday our preschool had a brunch, Easter egg hunt, and other fun things to participate in.
Miss Leah Levin did an awesome job with all the work that went in to it!!

I just love this pic below. :)

Do you see her pigtails!?  She didn't hold still for a second.
And she was quite good at finding eggs, even the trickier ones (for her age of course)!
OK I had to include this picture.  I was inside and saw her mesmerized and just watching this bubble float around.  I wanted to snap a pic but by the time I did the bubble had popped.  I just have to laugh, she looks a little crazy staring at a wall. :)

That night our small group got together and had a little egg hunt for the kids before the adults met.
The whole gang, just missing Alex, Anderson, and our newest member Lincoln!
Big kids letting the littles get a head start, anxious much!?
Checking their loot. :)

Easter morning we attended our church service.  They asked regular attenders to try to avoid the 10:30 service since they anticipated it being their most popular one for new comers to attend.  So we attended the 9 o'clock service and they still had to ask regular attenders to consider giving up their seats for people still looking for a place to sit.  So the Hubs and I gave up our seats and went out into the lobby.  We were told later there was about 150 of us in the lobby.  How awesome is that?!  I can't imagine what the 10:30 service was like, Yea God!
Here's the pack lobby!

All the ladies dressed in their pretties! :)

One blessing this year, after an expected trip to Egypt my parents got a overnight lay over with us for Easter!!
They were suppose to be in at 5.  I got there at 5:15 but due to delays they didn't get out to us until almost 7:30. :(  Needless to say the girls were so anxious to see them!!  Thank goodness I did NOT bring Brooklyn.
I had a yummy ham Easter dinner waiting but with our delays the plans were foiled.
Luckily, we came home to the food ready and kept warm by the hubs.  Still delicious! :)

The next day we just soaked up time with Mormor and Poppi, such a treat!

Even dyed our eggs (a day late :) )
K LOVED Walmart's spill/mess proof egg dying kit. :)
Happy Easter 2012!
Look everyone is looking and, almost, all smiling!!  An Easter miracle! ;)

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