Friday, March 30, 2012


With the girls' birthdays only 10 days apart we have the wonderful blessing of having both of our parents, usually, for a visit to celebrate with us.  This year we had family in from February 27-March 11.  It was great!!
We remember how hard it is that they don't live near by every time they visit and leave.
Well the hub's parents came and stayed the week before the girls' big party and my parents stayed the week following.
Now with two weeks of grandparents we had some major celebrating and spoiling going on!! :)  
I think the girls were sung happy birthday to 6 or 7 times.
Hope they don't get used to that! :)

So this post will kinda all over the place!
I'll start with the Domier's week:
Since I had parents in, I spent a couple of days going into the girls' classrooms.  I just love having the opportunity to do that!
First I finally went to Bella's class and we brought her goody bags and the class sung to her:
(Can't get my videos to upload :( )

This cracks me up.  Mormor Domier came in to be a Mystery Reader in Brynn's class, they cover the person's face so you can't tell.  Well the minute Mormor walked in Brynn knew it was her but she refused to say anything!  Everyone was guessing around her but she just kept her mouth shut, ha! :)
 After school for the day we continued on for a fun day of celebrating!
We headed to Rainforest Cafe for lunch and a birthday song of course. :)

 And a Merry Go Round ride....

 And a train ride to end the fun!
 Another day we headed down to Woodfield Mall to birthday shop.
The girls each picked the wedding Rapunzel and Flynn barbies from the Disney Store.  They were over the moon about these dolls.
And we got some spring clothes too for the girls.
And to end the evening a delicious dinner at PF Changs with of course a birthday song!

 Brooke has NOT been easy at restaurants these days, we tried to feed her everything and she wasn't interested in much.  But boy was she a happy camper when she got her hands on her sister's left over dessert!
Notice the 20 different things in front of her....

 Thanks Poppi and Mormor for all the birthday celebrating and generous gifts!!
 And a little sister wrestling session to close the night. :)

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Lee-Ann said...

Looks like a great time. So nice to have family come and stay for a bit. :)

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