Monday, April 16, 2012

Lots of Love to Give.....

I have issues.
I found myself mad at a one year old today.
Brooklyn had a bit of a bully in her Sunday school class today.
After I drop her off, I like to watch for a bit in the one way window.  Well as I was watching, I witnessed this little girl come up to Brooklyn and shove her.  Brooke sat frozen on the floor.  Meanwhile, this little girl goes over to another little girl with a paci and rips it out of her mouth, and when this paciless girl starts to cry the little trouble maker slaps her in the mouth!!
Finally the teacher (to their credit one was changing a diaper and the other was checking in a new friend, so they had their hands full!) notices and separates trouble and paci girl but then she zeros in on Brooklyn again and goes over and hits her!!
Oh man it took every ounce in my being to not go running over there and take Brooklyn out.  
Mad at a one year, seriously?
I just can't stand to see my babies hurt.   
I take it SO personally, not accidents of course, but when I see them purposely hurt by something or someone.

I will be relying on the Lord's mercies to get me through junior high and high school years. :(

Anyway, just had to get that off my chest. :)

Prepare yourself.
One of the funniest videos, I think. ;)

Brooklyn has a little boyfriend, Landon.  They've been besties since being in their mommies tummies.  As you know though at these ages they don't really play with one another.  So until recently they haven't paid much attention to one another.  Well the other day at pick up at Brynn's preschool, we were standing around talking while the kids played, and out of the blue Landon comes up and embraces Brooklyn.
Sweetest thing ever.

So, I think in an effort to catch it on film, Jackie (Landon's mom) has her phone out on video and is taping Landon as she sees him heading towards Brooklyn.
Anticipating a loving embrace we all watch admiringly at what's about to unfold:
I can NOT stop laughing.
She was quickly over it and was fine but man I think Landon is crushing hard!! :)

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